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Can I request to become an automatic rifleman in the Army?

I m think about enlisting and if I do I want to go Infantry. I want to be an automatic rifleman and was wondering if I can choose or if I am just assigned. I know you have to pass weapon familiarization but do you sign up to take that or are you sent there after being designated the weapon?

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    You can request to enlist as infantry. If you qualify and it's open and offered to you at MEPS, you can sign for it in your contract.

    Infantry joins as 11x, and then the Army decides in OSUT whether they become 11b, infantry, or 11c, mortars. You get no say in the matter.

    If you get 11b, when you get to your unit, they will decide which specific position to put you in, according to unit needs.t hey will assign you a weapon based off available inventory and mission needs.

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    When you get to your unit after OSUT, you can ask your team leader and he can push it to your squad leader. It's not hard at all. Every 4 man fireteam has an automatic rifleman. Squad leader just picks a dude when training season comes around. You'll most likely get some time as an AR. I was a saw gunner for 2.5 years and was really tired of it, so I'm sure you can get it at some point. And hell, if you go to a boss unit after OSUT they might even have mk48's which are even better!!

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    You can "request" anything you want, but everyone is either going to ignore you or laugh at you.

    Pretty much every infantryman in the Army will be either a SAW or M240 gunner at some point in their first enlistment. The 240L is a beast, and *some* people like the SAW but personally, the SAW is my least favorite weapon in our armory, excluding the M9.

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    Enlist as an infantryman, work hard and don't be a screw-up and you'll get your time on the SAW. If you're really good, you might get the 240 one day. Then you can really wreak havoc.

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    You don't get to just be a SAW gunner. That goes to the second most experienced infantryman in the squad.

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    You get placed where your platoon needs you, and you won't stay in one position forever or even for a very long time.

    You will also grow to hate the SAW, if you do get one.

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