Rate my Pokémon Y team/should I start breading, and with what?

I have a team I really like, but I don't know if they're good or not. I'm also not sure if I should bread them and with what. They're all Lv.91.



HP 255

Attack 229

Defense 131

Sp.Atk 249

Sp.Def 152

Speed 246

Nature: Quiet

Ability: Torrent

Moves: Aerial ace, Substitute, Hydro pump, Night slash.



HP 278

Attack 140

Defense 227

Sp.Atk 100

Sp.Def 183

Speed 189

Nature: Bold

Ability: Cheek pouch

Moves: Strength, Earthquake, Wild charge, Bounce



HP 282

Attack 172

Defense 140

Sp.Atk 188

Sp.Def 144

Speed 308

Nature: Timid

Ability: Flame body

Moves: Steel wing, Roost, Flamethrower, Brave bird



HP 294

Attack 286

Defense 158

Sp.Atk 176

Sp.Def 146

Speed 149

Nature: Hasty

Ability: Iron fist

Moves: Crunch, Power-up punch, Surf, Work up



HP 262

Attack 123

Defense 178

Sp.Atk 210

Sp.Def 172

Speed 230

Nature: Hardy

Ability: Keen eye

Moves: Charge beam, Calm mind, Signal beam, Stored power



HP 301

Attack 183

Defense 140

Sp.Atk 220

Sp.Def 263

Speed 136

Nature: Lonely

Ability: Cute charm

Moves: Last resort, Shadow ball, Moonblast, Dazzling gleam

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    Decent team composition though the natures are a little off.

    Quiet nature on Greninja hurts it's speed. Replace Nightslash with dark pulse

    Diggersby is painfully mediocre without the ability huge power. Moves are decent regardless.

    Never used talonflame but speed looks good though Timid hurts it's attack and many good flying moves it knows are physical. Flamethrower good though.

    Pangoro is an excellent puncher, mainly due to iron fist. Get rid of surf and teach it hammer arm. Since hammer arm benefits from the iron fist ability.

    Meowstic is seriously lacking a strong STAB attack. Replace stored power with psychic.

    Sylveon has good moves but lonely nature doesn't benefit them.

    Basically they're good enough for ingame, but won't make it too far in competitive. Heres a few tweaks I would make to your team without changing any pokemon.

    Get greninja with the ability protean (friend safari) and with the timid nature

    Get a diggersby with the ability huge power (friend safari) and with the adamant nature

    Get a talonflame with the ability Gale wings (friend safari) and with the adamant nature

    Have Pangoro with the adamant nature and atleast have hammer arm

    Have Meowstic with the timid nature

    Have sylveon with the ability Pixilate and modest nature. Make sure it learns hyper voice

    I don't play much competitive pokemon so i honestly don't know everything, but this is my opinion.

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