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Why are there so many idiotic atheists?

No, i dont have a religion and never really belied in any even when i was a kid.

i've recently finished my 2 year course in science and now i will only be doing physics for 2 more years.

My best area would definitely be physics and blueprint of life in biology, where we studied abiogenesis, evolution and genetics.

Anyway, ive been watching some videos on youtube with richard dawkins and all but i always get replies that are just beyond me. people calling themselves 'creatardkiller' and 'antireligiousscums' who completely misinterpret what i say and attack me with no reason simply because id say something like 'no, we do not know how life got started'.

In the last comment they went as far as to say that we did crack how life began then went on to say theres no way id ever understand because its too much logic.


what even!! is it just me or are these people ******* retarded? i need someone sane to back me up, this is frustrating.

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  • Lili
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    3 years ago
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    For the same reason there are idiotic religious people. The human race includes idiots. They come in all varieties.

    If you're serious about academic study in the sciences, then focus on the atheists you meet at university. They will not be idiotic. I'm an academic, I teach at a university, and most of my colleagues are atheists or agnostics. They are highly-educated and thoughtful people -- far from idiots.

    I'd suggest that you stay away from YouTube videos or at least the associated comments. Bothering with them doesn't say a lot for your intellect.

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    Idiotic people are of all religions and beliefs. Everyone is and can be an idiot. Most atheists are actually very opinionated and very logical. So I wouldn't call them all idiots, and I don't exactly support them either. I personally don't follow any religions, and don't have any set beliefs.

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    Here's my thing, even if evolution were proven untrue it makes no comment about atheism. I'm not an expert on biology, but I also don't believe that Mohammed flew in to the heavens on a winged horse and cracked the moon in half.

    And I really don't see what one has to do with the other tbh.

    Also Kenneth Miller is a vocal catholic and he's one of the leading biologists in the United States.

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    I look at it like this- We're proportionally fewer in number than the idiotic theists, and so much so as to be non-existent. The idiotic ones, not all atheists, that is.

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  • Noah
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    3 years ago

    Atheists simply have no interest in religion. They don't care if you're a believer as long as you don't attempt to make one of your beliefs have the force of civil law. For the last several decades various churches have attempted to make the rules that pertain to their private clubs civil marriage and abortion being the two main ones. But they also have attempted to forbid sex education and to force religious symbols to be erected on and in public buildings and on public lands.

    If religious people want to hold services, wear funny clothes, hold odd beliefs or live unconventional lives nobody will bother them and in fact the law protects them. Maybe if the religious community would stop making snide remarks about folks not involved in religion they might attact a few followers instead of simply turning them off.

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    Because atheists are just like any other average person, and there are a lot of idiots in the world. It seems like even more of them come online than we see in the general population.

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    The word atheists originally came from Priest's, Minister's, & Preachers that could'nt talk anyone into coming to their church to hear any of them preach, so they dubbed all other's Atheists. It make's no difference whether those believed in religion or not. It just the way these people are & now I hear they make fun of Atheists in front of their own congregations. Mike

    Source(s): Priest's, Minister's & Preacher's.
  • Marc
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    3 years ago

    Most people keep their minds closed to some degree it feels safer relieves anxiety to have a solid belief in God or in a basic physical world , or just to say I do not know and do not want to , once you open the mind to all the possibilities and seek answers anxiety can build , as an Evolutional Goodhist I have an evolving belief and practice system it gives the basics as science can provide at the moment , it gives the basics of how we got here , what happens at death , how sin developed , and how to treat it increasing evolutional fitness of mind and body , it awaits more science wants to change .

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    Because atheism is their religion in effect and in every way, which kinda defeats the purpose :) You questioning anything they say is you questioning their belief system and since they don't want to admit having one, it's even worse.

    People are afraid to be stupid, this is why we like to have one right answer to everything. When the answer doesn't exist, plenty of people can't handle it. This is where you establish belief system to make up for your actual lack of information, and if you can't tolerate that you really don't know then your belief system becomes your new one and only truth and everyone questioning it becomes your new enemy. It's a way to shelter yourself from threat of being called stupid.

    It includes both atheists that can't handle not knowing and who extract it to calling everyone else stupid or denying they don't really know it, and religious people who can't handle their belief being just their belief and extract it to trying to convert everyone else or threatening them with hell.

  • Mo
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    3 years ago

    There are idiot atheists and theists....there are also genuine believers and non-believers. If this is the first time you've come across such idiocy....welcome to the adult world, kiddo....there'll be many more.

    Mo University Lecturer Atheist

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