People who object to trans women using the ladies' room: have you thought this through all the way, LGBT?

I can... somewhat sympathize with *some* of the concern about trans women in women's restrooms. After all, if protections are written too broadly, they could potentially be used by genuine perverts (who are not in any reasonable sense female) to gain access to women's restrooms for purposes of stalking, peeping, or the like. Of course, people inclined to do that kind of s*** will generally do it even without any legal cover, but... something that is strange and new can be scary, and I get that.

But, well, if people are supposed to use the bathroom of their birth gender regardless of any transition, that means trans men would have to use the women's restroom, which would make it even *harder* to keep out the pervs, since there are people who, under that rule, are *supposed* to be using the women's restroom who look, to all outward appearances, like men (unless you're going to do a pants check--which sounds at *best* ripe for serious abuse)

So, are all trans people supposed to use the men's bathroom? Are trans people supposed to use the bathroom of their assigned-at-birth sex regardless of their actual appearance? Are trans people of either gender just supposed to pee in the bushes or something?

Or, wouldn't it just make more sense to have everyone use the bathroom that matches the sex they consider themselves to be?


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  • Emma
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    4 years ago
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    They have not thought this through, the people pushing these laws are the same people that fought same sex marriage, they are now going after the transgender population only after loosing marriage equality, in other words they are pushing hate for, power, influence, monetary contributions, continuing their church dogma, they claim christians are the victims of the lgbt (they are not, they brought the fight to us, unwilling to find middle ground, and have victimized the lgbt in the process) in order to press and pass religious liberty laws to make someone who claims a religion even the religion of the "church of the flying spaghetti monster" to be above the law in the name of their religion.

    These so called guardians of safety and privacy are the ones broadcasting the idea that restrooms can be used as an access point to the women's rooms, just as you have said perverts no longer need a wig and a dress the only thing the male pervert (there are female predators too) needs to do is be a man and use a phony claim of that he is a transgender man and is required to use the woman's room. The people claiming to be guardians of safety and privacy have completely disregard the safety and dignity of the transgender individual AND the cisgender woman to further push their agenda, all of this to solve a what has been and is a NONEXISTENT problem, and in doing so they have endangered everybody.

    Let's see what a transgender man in the women's room looks like, this is what the bathroom police are trying to force on people with HB2 and other such laws.

    What about the cisgender women that are on the sexaul preditors list, at least they have demonstrated themselves to be a danger to others, why aren't the people so concerned about safety and privacy getting them their own restroom, they have given up a certain amount of civil rights by braking the law in the first place. There has never been a case of a transgender person committing a restroom crime. The bathroom police are not about safty or privacy, they are about religious dogma, as stated above.

    We could talk about how many cisgender women and sometimes men that have been harassed and kicked out of public restrooms by the self anointed gender police because they don't look masculine or feminine enough, can't the self anointed gender police tell gender, oh my. How about the cis gender woman that was literally peeking into the closed and locked stalls at target, just to see if there were any transgender people in the stalls, so much for their morality, btw peeking in the stalls even for the so called gender police is illegal, so who is the real danger, it's not the transgender person.

  • 4 years ago

    What everyone seems to over look is the alternative.

    The argument goes, a trans women (male to female) in the ladies could distress little girls etc. They should use the rest room aligned to their sex at birth.

    Two problems.


    If I was a trans women and was not allowed to use the ladies restrooms, how would boys feel as they stand at the urinal and I walk in the door appearing as a women. How about our delicate girls in the ladies room, what if I am a trans man (women to man) and so dressed as a man I follow this girl into the ladies restrooms.


    An Intersex person is born with both male and female organs. What restroom do they use?

  • Elana
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    4 years ago

    I have put waaaaaay more thought into this than any sane person should.

    Ignoring safety/modesty and just going on comfort: Gender is certainly not binary, incredibly complex and frankly, not all that stable. If we're going on the basis of how somebody feels in a given day (Uh ... I feel feminine today), we're on a road to confusion, inconsistency and Benny Hill theme music.

    But I digress. The people who tend to spit in anger about these things tend to care more about modesty and safety, so ...

    Ultimately, if you're determining which room you are using on the basis of safety or even modesty, you're playing a dangerous-odds game. As you said, any pervert (violent or otherwise) can be in an unfortunate place.

    Ultimately, people should be trying to make places generally and "intimate" places specifically safer. MEN'S room should be safer for men, but gee, we don't really seem to care about that, do we?

    Ultimately, I think we're going to be getting rid of gendered rooms (they've done that in new US Aircraft Carriers and many universities) in deference to single-person stalls. I think this is a FAR preferable solution. Cheaper/more efficient, not sexist, etc. etc.

    Given another couple of generations, the people who will really get upset about being in the same room as somebody not their gender will have gone the same way as the people who get upset about being in the same room with somebody who is the wrong race.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I object to Trans women using the ladies room. Not everyone can have what they want.

    I am gay, and I love my men. But it doesn't mean that I should get my own bathroom because I only want to see gay men in there. If Trans women want to use the ladies room, then I want every men's room to have toilets made of diamonds.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    "People who object to trans women using the ladies' room: have you thought this through all the way?"

    Of course they haven't.


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  • 4 years ago

    Trans people if MtF they want to be a girl and want men for their partners. And they using the ladies room are not interested in seeing females only guys.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    K. So how do we resolve this?

    Transwomen use the women's room, transmen use the men's room.

    And we make a special restroom for doofuses

  • Cogito
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    4 years ago

    Transgender people have been using the appropriate restrooms for decades and no-one ever even noticed. What does it matter who is peeing in the next cubicle/stall to you?

  • 4 years ago

    As a man, I really don't care, as long as women (particularly feminists) aren't trying to force their way into a men's room, and men dressing as women aren't going into the women's room with evil intentions. I have one theory about restroom timing in general: "Bada bing, bada in, bada out."

  • ?
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    4 years ago

    They haven't thought at all. Guess how many trans people have been arrested and charged for sexual assault in a washroom in the 64 years since Christine Jorgensen came Out.

    I'll give you a little hint:


    That's right, absolutely zero. Exactly no trans people have ever been charged with attempting a sexual assault in a washroom. Every time you hear Conservatives fearmongering about trans people in washrooms, it turns out that they're lying.




    Now contrast that statistic with the number of Conservatives who have been arrested for sexual assault or improprieties in washrooms since 1952.

    Um, who are we supposed to be afraid of again?

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