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Which University to choose for MS?

I wanna apply for MS in Computer Science for fall 2017 intake. Although I have come across a few universities which are a very common option amongst international students. I want to explore some more universities. But it's very difficult as thr is a huge list of universities in the US.

Please help me

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  • drip
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    3 years ago
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    Try US News Best Graduate schools.

    Do you want a smaller or larger school?

    Schools in a large major city will have a higher cost of living. Off campus apartments rent can be very high. Outrageously high in NYC, LA, San Franisisco.

    Weather- weather is great in CA, but UC schools tend to have a high tuition rate for international students. Check out other warm states such as Texas or Florida. Don't disregard schools in the North just because of snow.

    For Computer Science Check out web sites of

    University of Illinois

    University of Washington

    University of Wisconsin-Madison

    University of Texas -Austin

    University of Michigan

    Purdue University

    Ohio State University

    • Ayush3 years agoReport

      I would want an economical tuition cost. I dont care if the university is not in a big city, nor I'll ignore North, infact I prefer north more than south.

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  • Laurie
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    3 years ago

    FYI There is no such word as "wanna".

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