What are some relatively cheap universities to receive a Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering?

I'm currently working on my Bachelor's in Environmental Engineering and I am extremely interested in pursuing a Master's. Unfortunately, I will probably be fairly tight on money and I want to minimize loans if possible. I have no problem with traveling any where in the world as long the degree is worth it in the end. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  • 3 years ago
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    Have you taken a look at what petersons.com has to offer in the form of Environmental Engineering schools and programs? A quick search limiting results to only include graduate, on-campus, and Master’s degree type with a tuition less than $10,000 listed over 500 results. Obviously this is a high amount of results and caution should be utilized as not all of the listed results are perfect matches to the contributed filters however, with that said, it is a good resource to begin your search as it does provide a one-stop listing of potential schools. This is an exact link to the aforementioned results page (https://www.petersons.com/search/schools?searchtyp...

    Another great option can be found with environmentalscience.org as this website’s authors also offer a similar Search For Schools database however, in this case, with an environmental science leaning. In fact, the website offers an entire “Environmental Engineering Degree” webpage found at (http://www.environmentalscience.org/degree/environ... As with petersons.com, environmentalscience.org allows one to limit your search credentials according to degrees offered, program type, and annual tuition amongst others.

    Some schools to consider as listed with these two resources include:

    University of Nebraska-Lincoln: listed as a spotlight school on environmentalscience.org (http://engineering.unl.edu/graduate-programs/envir...

    Florida International University: lists a $5,322 per year tuition for in-state students (https://cee.fiu.edu/prospective-students/graduate-...

    Oklahoma State University: lists a $5,045 per year tuition rate for in-state students (http://studentservices.okstate.edu/node/31)

    If any of these options don’t work for you, perhaps try visiting your local library to request some help as they will be able to utilize such resources as Barron’s Profiles of American Colleges, College Board’s College Handbook, and U.S. News Best Colleges.

    Hope this was of some help,

    Eric (Future Librarian)

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