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Should i trade jordy nelson and christine michael for TY hilton in a 10 team standard league?

I am 3-4 about to be 4-4 and this is my roster

QB: A Rodgers

RB: demarco murray, jonathon stewart, christine michael, devontae booker, chris thompson, derick henry, mike gillislee

WR: jordy nelson, deandre hopkins, allen robinson

TE: eifert, barnridge


Def: eagles

My concern mainly come from reports cj anderson might come back in 4 weeks which would be playoff time diminishing the value of booker and me trading michael. Is it worth it to make this trade for Hilton?

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    Seems pretty steep honestly. I'm in a similar boat but your best course here is probably patience or to work out a better trade. I'd be patient though bc:

    - Deandre Hopkins' numbers should even out some (same avg target distance as past few seasons with many qbs and 4th most targeted receiver in the league) and after this week against the lions he might have more trade value to really upgrade.

    - Jordy Nelson is at his lowest trade value of the season. Prior to the past two weeks he was a consistent and steady 10 point a game wr. Not amazing but viable. You're trading him for 50 cents on the dollar here.

    - T.Y. Hilton is at his absolute peak value. Moncrief and others have been injured in that offense. Even if he only loses 3-4 targets a game because of receivers getting healthy, that's probably still enough to make this trade not worth it.

    - Overall, with Jordy Nelson likely regressing to the mean and TY Hilton tapering off a tiny bit, I predict they'll end up being somewhat similar receivers week to week except Hilton has a bye coming up and you can't spare any losses. The question becomes, is Christine Michael worth a small bump per week? Probably not. I have to imagine you could get more from someone else in your league.

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  • 3 years ago

    No, you're giving up too much in the deal

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