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erica4294 asked in PetsFish · 3 years ago

can I remove fish when I clean entire tank?

I have a 60 gallon gold fish tank. And there's algae all over the tank and at the rocks at the bottom. Is it ok to remove all the fish and clean it all up and put them back? Will it harm them? If so, any ideas on how to clean it?

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  • Angel
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    3 years ago
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    The one and only time you would need to break down the tank and clean it is if the alge got so out of control your fish were having problems breathing, your exterior filter plugs up with alge, you cannot see through the dark green gumbo or black water that the alge has overtrown and taken over the tank. This happens when people don't know about alge growth and sunlight.

    If the alge is light green to medium you can use an alge scraper and take it off the glass, if you are worried about your fish, You can get a round container, use your tank water and 3/4 fill the bucket, (5 gallon pail) add the fish, out in an air stone and then clean your tank. Do not dump all the old water,,you will destroy the natural balance of the tank. If you have other plants growing in the tank and dump all new water in they will die also. About 2 hours after adding the new water and cycling the tank until it turns clear again your fish will be safe in the bucket. Don't forget to add some new water slowly to the pail so that the mixture is the same, also make sure the temperature is the same or you will need to float your fish.

    You might want to consider a sun shade if the problem is too much sunlight, Or perhaps moving your tank. We also needed extra algee eaters in our hex tanks as they were notorious when they first came out for being algee farms, once they redesigned the filter they were fine.

    Punkin eater had an excellent post, so does Kylie Anne. They do make tablets that help combat the alge but I never recommend them simply because if you loose power all your fish do die, I'm not sure how it works but the 5 or 6 times I used them in my show tank it cleared up the alge, however every time I have used them my power mysteriously seemed to go out. Sheer dumb luck on my part. That was 30 years back, my son uses some drops to slow the alge growth and he has had great success in his tanks. I'm down to goldfish now and they are starting to get up there in years, they help eat all growing algee with the catfish and alge eaters I have in the tanks.

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  • 3 years ago

    I have personally cleaned thousands of aquariums and never, not even once did I have to take fish out of the tank for a normal cleaning.

    You shouldn't either.

    Note: algae is a plant,

    it is not harmful in any important way.

    Do not do harmful things to solve a problem you don't have.

    Yes, there are correct ways to maintain a tank and also to reduce algae.

    Or even clean out a tank if it were really necessary. But it usually isn't.

    Cleaning your tank should take a half hour or so.

    Tools needed: bucket(s), simple siphon gravel cleaner, water conditioner, one of your fingers (to check and compare water temperature of aquarium and bucket of new water), appropriate algae pad to wipe off glass/plastic


    never change more than about 30%of the water at any one time

    never clean or replace all the filter materials, most should remain dirty

    if there's muck in your tank, you overfeed, stop it

    do not remove the fish any more often than you move to a new house

    Research these items for more information.

    Good luck

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  • 3 years ago

    you should NEVER do a full water change, you will kill off the beneficial bacteria. Use an algae scraper to clean the algae. Algae won't hurt the fish but killing off the good bacteria can.

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