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Is Perry mason a good show?

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    I knew a man named Perry Mason once, we shared a fox hole together in the Vietnam War. Now I don't mean foxhole in the traditional sense, oh no, me and Perry shared each other's anuses which we affectionately named our "fox holes" I remember the cold Vietnam nights where I would be shoving a c4 bomb into Perry's hole as I screamed "FAMILY FUED" for hours on end. This was all fun and gamed until I accidentally detonated the C4 inside Perry's asshole leading to a familiar feeling of being covered in the blood of a gay lover. Greatest night of my life.

    Source(s): R.I.P. (Rest In Penis) Perry
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    So imagine Seinfeld mixed with Innapropriate Comedy and then mix that with Harry Potter fandom prequels

    Source(s): It sucks carrot cocks
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