Can't log into Linksys e1200 with wired connection but CAN over WIFI - help?

I'm in the middle of configuring my e1200 (v2) into a bridge. I installed dd-wrt successfully and the tutorial for creating a wireless bridge (I want to receive wireless from my "far away" router and then run cable from the e1200 into my TV that only can use a physical cable) says to restore to factory defaults.

I did that, but now it won't let me log into the default address ( when I'm only manually connected to the router (w/no internet). I just get:

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

If I log into the WIFI it's putting out (but no internet, right now), that's the only way I can access it. BEFORE I reset to factory defaults I COULD access it with just a cable. I ran into this issue back when we used the e1200 as the main wireless router (and before it had dd-wrt), but I just worked around it. Now I'd like it if someone could explain this to me. Is there a setting that I had changed after-default that let me access it w/the cable? (IDK why that wouldn't be an out-of-box option).

Does anyone know the cause of this issue?

1 Answer

  • Mark
    Lv 5
    4 years ago

    did you reset is dsn ip addressing scheam from the default.... to something else like

    the group of address' assigned to the devices n your home to 10.0.0 50

    try entering the 1st number of this assigned group to get the log in user password which will be default.

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