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Would you trade Julio Jones for Trade 1 (Brees, Rashad Jennings, and Ertz or Barnidge or Trade 2 (Blount, Jordan Howard, and J. Graham)?

My team is currently 2-5 after this past weekend and I am only three games behind to make it to the playoff picture. All my losses have been decided by 10 points or less except one. I am missing some pieces in order to bounce back. I am thinking with Brees I'll get consistency and I have enough depth at WR to hold me up. My team currently looks like this....

QB - Derek Carr/Russell Wilson

RB - LeVeon Bell, DeAndre Washington, Derick Henry

WR - Larry Fitzgerald, Julio Jones, Tyrell Williams, Stefon Diggs, Quincy Enunwa, RObert Woods

TE - Jesse James (Streaming every week)

D/ST - Ravens and Giants

K - Matt Bryant

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    No, you do not want to give up Julio for lesser players, particularly when TEs are involved. You'll kill yourself if you do this. Also,Jennings is barely startable and you need help at RB even more than QB. It's also harder to find.

    Wilson is last year's news. With Carr, you have a QB whose stats aren't that far off from Brees. All you need is a tandem guy to play in tough matchups (like facing Denver twice). In a small league, odds are high someone is out there. If not, then this might be part of a trade, but you don't need a high octane guy like Brees. This puts you on QB overload.

    So your area of need is RB. With Bell on a bye this week, you have an unstartable back up and a guy part of a big committee. You might see what Larry Fitzgerald nets you in a 1-1 trade. Look at guys who are loaded at RB and weak at WR. With Henry, you could also check Demarco Murray's owner. If he has strength at RB, you could include Henry as part of the deal if he wants him as a handcuff.

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    I would go for deal 1 and offer him Wilson, James, and Washington along with Jones for Brees, Jennings, Barnidge and his second best WR. Now make sure this WR is someone good. In PPR Landry and Cobb are great WR2s. Always trade equal players it looks like they are getting more in return. Your TE and RB need upgrades

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    Take deal 2. You really need help at RB. Tough to move Jones, but sometimes that's the only way to improve overall. You need to address defense this week too since both the Ravens and Giants have a bye this week.

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