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Could Evan Mcmullen of Utah become predisent of the United states?

I really want this to happen... how would it happen though?

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    At this point he can't realistically.

    McMullin is only on the ballot in, I believe 11 states. That's not enough to get the 270 electoral votes needed to win. His only chance was to get into a situation where no candidate got 270 electoral vote. This would throw the election into the House of Representatives where they would pick between the three candidates who got the most electoral votes. Then he hoped that a Republican controlled House would pick him, a fairly mainstream conservative, over Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

    For that scheme to work, McMullen would have to actually win a state and get some electoral college votes. He actually looks like he might have a chance at doing that. IIRC he's only behind Donald Trump by a couple of points in Utah. Mormons have always been uneasy about Trump, who violates many of their traditions about how someone should behave. If Trump continues to collapse then maybe McMullen can pull ahead of Clinton in Utah and actually win it.

    But that plan of getting the presidency via the house looks out the window now. It relied totally on the idea that neither Trump or Clinton would get 270 electoral votes, the amount needed to win. But Clinton is currently on track to win well over 270 electoral votes. I thin that the projections now have her likely to win somewhere in the mid 300s of electoral votes. McMullen's plan was always an incredible longshot and involved in Trump being strong enough in "blue" states to deny Clinton a majority of electoral votes. McMullen's strength is almost entirely in Republican leaning states, meaning that if he ever won a state it would likely be at the expense of Trump. So what he needed was for Trump to actually win some states like Wisconsin and Michigan, which Democrats traditionally win. That was always unlikely, but now is basically impossible. Trump has collapsed in polling so much that he's not only not competitive in blue states but he's making the map of red states more competitive for Clinton. For example, the race is closer in Texas than it is in Pennsylvania, a state which Trump had once hoped to win.

    The upshot is that, even if McMullen wins Utah, which is a potential possibility, it won't matter because Clintoon will have won an outright majority.

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    Not likely. I don't think he's even on the ballot of every state. He may win Utah, but doubt he'll win any other state.

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    A 44 year old Mormon "bachelor". Total fa99ot.

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    not a chance lol

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