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Jessica asked in PetsFish · 5 years ago

**PLEASE ANSWER!!!! Turquoise Guppy swaying back and forth...WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?!?!?

I have a Turquoise Guppy in with 3 other Fancy Tailed Guppies in a 5 gallon tank. All my other fish are fine, but my Turquoise Guppy has been staying in one place and swaying back and forth. When he swims around he also sways. I've had all the fish for about 3 weeks now and I've never seen a problem until now. I had a Molly before and when she sways I know she needs more pH in the tank, so I did a very small water change and added some tap water so some pH is added. He's still swaying, but I JUST did the water change. I'll see how he is tomorrow, but just in case, what could be wrong with my fish? What can I do to help him? I love all my fish and I feed them twice a day with good quality fish flakes in the morning and finely crushed freeze dried brine shrimp at night (I do my best not to overgeed them). Please help! I don't want any of my fish to die! Thanks!


My Turquoise Guppy has died. I woke up this morning and he seemed like he was sleeping, so I went to have breakfast. When I went back up, I saw he was swimming on the bottom of the tank with his nose down. He was acting so strange. Within 15 minutes he just went downhill. He started floating and acted like something was wrong with his brain. I knew I couldn't save him so I was looking for Clove Oil to put him humanely to sleep. Before I could even find it, I saw him take his last breath. RIP! 😭

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  • Amber
    Lv 7
    5 years ago
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    Likely stressed. Guppies really should have 20 inch long tank.

    "Needs more pH"?

    Alright, let's explain something. Seems you may have been miss informed.

    The pH is the reading of hydrogen in your water. Basically, it's how acidic or basic the water is. This pH is required by all life to be stable. With a pH that isn't stable things start acting funny in their bodies. Bottom line is that life needs a stable pH.

    Now, adding anything that will mess with the pH is dangerous.

    Let me break them down:

    pH changing chemicals: Either make the pH go up or go down suddenly. Remember; stable is key. Sudden changes are UN-stable.

    Driftwood: Gradually drops the pH of the tank. Better than chemicals, but what do you think happens when a water change is done? Yep, you guess it. Another sudden change.

    Coral: Gradually raises the pH of the the tank. Better than chemicals, but what do you think happens when a water change is done? Yep, you know this by now.

    The key with fish is to avoid sudden change:

    No temperature swings.

    No pH swings.

    Sudden gain or loss of light is frowned upon.

    Loud noises aren't great.

    You get the idea.

    Now, pH doesn't magically get used up. It's going to stay stable; as long as nothing you add changes it. It's always a good idea to have a liquid testing kit on hand along with some strips. Can't get both? I encourage you to get the liquid although all around the strips are easier to use and will work for what you'll need them for.

    So, what about tank space?

    Well, fish poop. That makes ammonia. Ammonia is highly toxic. Yada, yada, yada. Look into "Cycling and aquarium" if this is the first time you've heard of it. Note: All "bacteria/cycling" products sold in the store are a waste of money. They don't help.

    And, what about minimum tank sizes? Well, fish grow. They are active or not so active depening on the kind. For a 5 gallon, the endler (a livebearer similar to the guppy) is a much better choice simply because of it's small size. The guppy is best suited for tanks 10 gallons and above. The platy for 20 gallons. And the molly for 30 gallons. Please don't get another molly. That tank isn't nearly big enough.


    Flakes are fine. High quailty is key. Pellets are better. Omega one, New Life Spectrum. They're both decent brands. Tetra? Wardley? Not so great. And, how about that freeze dried stuffs? Well, that's not doing your fish any good at all. Get some frozen stuff. Just chop the block into 1/4s and use up one quarter at a time. Might have to go smaller. But freeze dried isn't nutritious at all. It's just basically like a potato chip. Not good.


    You might not understand pH like you thought.

    Make sure you know what cycling is.

    Get yourself some test strips. The ones you need: Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH.

    Tank sizes are very important.

    Food should be high quality.

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