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some answers only appear in my notifications but not on my actual question?

i want to award someone best answer but there question is only in the "notifications" tab but not on my actual question how do i fix this?????


im not calling support its a complete waste of time

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  • 4 years ago
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    Three possibilities might be happening in your situation. First, the answer might have been reported enough times as a violation for it to be removed before you saw it. Second, the person who posted the answer may have deleted it themselves. Third, the answer might contain a link or links that the Y!A computers deem suspect, so the answer is being ghosted: made invisible to anyone except the account that posted it. In any of those cases, the notification can't be taken back after it has been sent, so you are left with a notification of an answer that you can no longer see.

    Edit: Also, those are not real Y! support numbers or whatever they continue to claim to be, they are all fraudulent scams that take money and personal information from the people who fall for them. Normally they wouldn't show up for usually more than a few minutes before being deleted, but the reporting system has not been working very well so while a few do drop, its far less than it should be.

    Edit 2: Hah, the second scammer that posted here was deleted, but not the first one.

    Source(s): Personal experience and thoughts.
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