Why is Candace Cameron Bure appearing on the same Dr. Oz episode as spiritual mediums?

I just read the description for the Dr. Oz show for 10-19-16 and it says that 3 spirit mediums will appear on the show to help "heal & channel" loved ones who have passed away. The description also says that Candace Cameron Bure will appear on the show, to discuss a past eating disorder she once had. Candace has been a "devout Christian" for many years. I find it surprising that she would agree to appear on a show where on the very same episode "spiritual mediums" who conjure the spirits of the dead were doing something that flies in the face of Cameron's religious belief. Something really seems "off" here.


1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Matt 7:21-23;Matt 24:51

    Source(s): jw.org read the book What Does the Bible Really Teach? chps 10,15
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