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Is Clyde Weston finally GONE (again)?


Dammit! If Theo had not been in the way JJ could have shot and killed the hillbilly backwoods mofo!

Update 2:

Then I wish Abe had not done that press conference OR R

Update 3:

If Abe had NOT been in the way. AIDEN (PSYCHO) would have been shot! Fine with ME!

Hey gukes: the "WAR" has been over for almost 40 years GET OVER IT!

Damn "Viet Cong Heroin smugglers'!

Update 4:

WHOA! HOLD THE PHONE! I am 2 days behind! Did Steve kill Orpheus?

I thought Deimos had turned over a new leaf (BUZZER!!!!!!)

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    Well he is locked up for now. Who knows when he escapes jail. At least Orpheus is dead. Daimos sent Zander off to another country and told everyone that he is dead. I agree I wish Aiden had gotten shot.

    No Steve didn't kill Orpheus. He did get shot in the arm and was hauled into jail and a cop got Marlena to tend to his gunshot and he grabbed the cops gun and held her hostage .. He got her doctor bad and took some stuff in a brown bottle which killed him. She told him not to but he did and died.

    Deimos will never change he will always be evil.

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