What time on November 8 do we actually find out who becomes president?

I know that it can go on for a couple days but isn't it most likely that we will find out on November 8? And what time do you suspect we will find out

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    The networks won't begin to "call" states as being won by a candidate until the polls are closed in that state. So all of the polls won't be closed until after midnight East coast time (including Alaska and Hawaii). Getting an actual count of the votes can take even longer. Particularly in swing states, the networks will probably be reluctant to call them based on exit polls alone and will want actual vote totals. In a state like Massachusetts or New York or Texas there's no question who will win. But in swing states like Florida and Ohio the results could go either way. After 2000, when the networks helped contribute to an electoral crisis by prematurely calling Florida for Bush, they've become more careful about jumping the gun on reporting victors in the states. They're also not going to call the election until probably sometime in the early morning of the next day.

    But we may get a sense of how the election will go before they actually call it. Florida is the swing state with the largest population, and thus the most electoral votes. There's basically no scenario where Donald Trump will win without winning Florida. So Florida will be an important state to watch. Polls close at 7pm local time in Florida. However, the western part of the panhandle is in the Central Time Zone, so polls there will close at 8pm Eastern Time. The networks won't report the results in Florida before that and will probably hold off calling the state for several hours more. But if they call the state for Clinton then it's basically over for Trump. There's no plausible way that he could win enough "blue" states in the rest of the country to offset the loss of Florida. So, if it's ten or eleven PM and they're calling Florida for Clinton then you can probably go to bed pretty sure that she won and Trump lost. The reverse isn't true, however. Clinton can lose Florida and still win, although if she's losing in Florida it might be an indicator that she's not going to do well in other states and thus could lose.

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      The mainstream big money networks are notorious for calling elections early, to try to discourage voter turnout for conservative candidates. Socialists try to rig elections any way possible.

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    Depends how bad Trump gets throttled on the East coast.

    If he loses Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania..... they'll be able to call it before the evening news comes on in California.

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    As soon as Fox News says Hillary has won Pennsylvania as they know them she will have Michigan, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina. Believe me, cons will be going to bed early.

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    likely after midnight California time

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