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Benny Leonard vs Hector Camacho, 15 rounds, who wins?

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  • Jose
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    At Lightweight, Benny Leonard dominates and embarrasses Camacho.

    A VERY past his prime and far out of best weight Roberto Duran had a very close fight against Camacho in their first fight (some felt Duran was robbed of a close decision). Duran was 45 years old.

    Benny Leonard had better classical footwork and balance than Duran at Lightweight. He was able to use spacing to control his opponent's timing and alternate timing to disrupt his opponent's spacing.

    A prime Camacho had very fast hands and was a speedy boxer, but by 3-4 rounds his speed and timing would have been nullified by Leonard (who had multivariate jabs, feints, counters, and incredible mid-range to outside footwork). Aside from this, Leonard also knew how to use active clinch tactics to nullify inside fighting (techniques that Duran was taught by Benny Leonard's old coach & cutman - Ray Arcel & Freddie Brown) and could also inside fight himself. And although not a boxer-puncher, Benny actually had good enough power to stun most Lightweights - it's just that he preferred the outside pure boxer style.

    Benny Leonard by wide UD in a 15 round fight.

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