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Horse Racing Section: Who are the early favorites for each division of the Breeder's Cup?


We're 3 weeks out from the BC, maybe a little more, and I'm just curious as to who peoples' early favorites are for each of the upcoming races. You can list your favorites in any order, as long as you remember to include all the divisions of the BC. This is just a fun question without right or wrong answers.

Update 2:

Thanks, Blue Jay. Anybody else care to share their early favorites? Sandra? Zombie? JSC? Pony Girl?

Update 3:

And is there a Marathon in this year's BC? Anyone know about that? There has been one in previous years, but I'm not sure if there will be one this year.

Update 4:

Thanks, All. I haven't picked my favorites yet, other than CA Chrome, although there are a few others which I have an eye on. And Sandra, thanks for the update about the changes to the BC. Seems like they change the format and number of races about as often as the rest of us change our socks. Makes it hard to keep track of things at times.

Good luck to all as this wonderful championship approaches. May all horses have safe, clean trips, and the true winners emerge.

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    Too Add to educate others who may not know some of the BC gist & changes:

    The following races have been DISCONTINUED by the Breeder's Cup:

    Breeders' Cup Marathon (2008-2013)

    Breeders' Cup Juvenile Sprint (2011-2012)

    A maximum of 14 starters are allowed in each of the 13 Breeders' Cup Championships races with the exception of the Dirt Mile which will be limited to 12 starters. Breeders' Cup Limited has adopted a field selection system to select runners in the event fields are oversubscribed. This system ranks horses in order of preference based upon performance in Breeders' Cup Challenge Races, a point system, and the judgment of a panel of racing experts. The field selection system will be implemented as necessary following the taking of pre-entries approximately two weeks before the Breeders' Cup (this year 2016, this will take place on October 24) to officially rank the oversubscribed fields. The Racing Directors/Secretaries Panel (the "Panel") will rank all the horses pre-entered in the oversubscribed races. After pre-entry, any vacancies in the fields will be filled by horses in order of panel preference.

    Through 2006, there were eight races on the Breeders' Cup card, all classified as Grade I races. In 2007, three races – the Dirt Mile, Filly and Mare Sprint, and Juvenile Turf – were added, all of them run the Friday before the remaining eight races. Three more new races – a Turf Sprint, Juvenile Filly Turf and Marathon – were added for 2008. A Juvenile Sprint was added for 2011. However, I noted changes in beginning of text.

    2016, Santa Anita will hold the record upon hosting the Breeders' Cup for a ninth time.

    NOTE: I will edit to list my choices.. :)

    EDIT: To add BC picks and additional info:

    I picked more than one on some, also, not sure about some of the other horses from across the pond just yet. Need to look into those invaders more. Also, note fields are not official yet:

    2016 Breeders’ Cup Classic - California Chrome

    2016 Breeders’ Cup Distaff - Songbird

    2016 Breeders’ Cup Dirt Mile - Frosted

    2016 Breeders’ Cup Turf - Found or Flintshire

    2016 Breeders’ Cup Mile - Tepin or Miss Temple City

    2016 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile - Klimt or Gormley or Not This Time

    2016 Breeders’ Cup Filly And Mare Sprint - Carina Mia or Cathryn Sophia

    2016 Breeders’ Cup Filly and Mare Turf - Alice Springs or So Mi Dar

    2016 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies - Union Strike or Sweet Loretta or Noted and Quoted

    2016 Breeders’ Cup Sprint - Drefong or A P Indian or Lord Nelson

    2016 Breeders’ Cup Turf Sprint - Limato

    2016 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies Turf - Intricately

    2016 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf - Boynton or Oscar Performance

    The order of the races on the card has changed many times throughout the event's history, but the Turf and Classic are traditionally the last two races (although this was not the case in 2012). The 2008 event was the first in which Day 1 of the event was dedicated to races for fillies and mares, with Day 2 featuring all other races. For 2009, the Marathon, open to runners of both sexes, was moved from Day 2 to be the opening race on Day 1, but all other races stayed on the day they had been run in 2008. In 2011, the Marathon was moved from Day 1 to Day 2, with the Juvenile Sprint becoming the first race overall (and also the only one on Day 1 open to males). The Marathon returned to Day 1 in 2012. Since 2013, the first day was no longer primarily devoted to races for fillies and mares, with the Dirt Mile and Juvenile Turf moving to Day 1 and the Filly & Mare Sprint and Filly & Mare Turf moving to Day 2.

    Two other significant changes were made in 2013. First, the Juvenile Sprint was discontinued after only two runnings. That race had been widely perceived as a consolation prize for horses not good enough to run in the Juvenile. Second, the Ladies' Classic returned to its original name of Distaff. When the latter announcement was made, Breeders' Cup president Craig Fravel said "We restored the Ladies' Classic to its original name due to feedback from our loyal fans who have a strong affinity for the Distaff. In recognition of our 30th year, the Distaff has provided us with some of racing's most remarkable moments, personified by such outstanding thoroughbreds as Lady's Secret, Personal Ensign, Azeri, Zenyatta, and our two-time defending champion, Royal Delta. It is a fitting tribute to bring back the name Distaff to honor the rich history of the championships.


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    • Blue Jay
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      Frosted confirmed for BC Classic
      Godolphin Racing confirmed Oct. 20 that its homebred and multiple grade I winner Frosted will be entered in the Nov. 5 Breeders' Cup Classic (gr. I) at Santa Anita Park.

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    My early favorites:

    1. Juvenile Fillies / Union Strike

    2. Classic / California Chrome

    3. Filly and Mare Sprint / Irish Jasper

    4. Filly and Mare Turf / Miss Temple city

    5. Juvenile Fillies Turf / La Coronel

    6. Juvenile Turf / Good Samaritan

    7. Las Vegas Dirt Mile / Frosted

    8. Longines Distaff / Songbird

    9. Longines Turf / Flintshire

    10. Mile / Tepin

    11. Sentiment Jet Juvenile / Gormley

    12. Turf Sprint / Celestine

    13. Twinspires Sprint / A.P. Indian

    @ Starlight 1 - I listed all the races. There is no Marathon.

    • Zombie Birdhouse
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      Frosted may go Classic...a goofy quote on two turns is an incredible puzzler ---

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    It would be pure speculation until the fields are finalized; so much can happen...and it does. Runhappy's last work looked dangerously sluggish and the current play (like the SA dirt of old!) of the turf course may keep some of the Euro standouts at home. I like making daily online stops at the Bloodhorse for the legit chatter on who may go where...and who is bypassing the event. There is one given - though - California Chrome is a beast!

    For a video of Runhappy being jolted around the track as if the rider was never on a horse --

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