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How to train your reflexes?

Im trying to find advanced ways to work on my reflexes, they are good but i want then to be amazing. Anyone know any hard things to do to practice on your reflexes? Like i want to be able to catch or dodge something from behind me. Please please help me.

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    Start by learning how to juggle.

    Not that juggling is a matter of reflexes, but it trains you to see how predictable physical things are. the balls, clubs, whatever will always travel in a set pattern, and you get control of the flow by doing things in exactly the same way (the 'pop' of the ball from the had will always go so high, and along the same path).

    More, there comes a pattern in how things can flow. If you know the pattern, you can predict when the pattern will occur. This holds in practically everything, from sword fighting through the martial arts, through whatever.

    Fighting (weaponed or otherwise) in particular becomes a dance between the practitioners, and it can look spectacular when both participants are equally proficient. That's why professionals are loathe to go against beginners -- it can be extremely dangerous to both when the skills are nowhere near equal.

    Get good at juggling, and you'll be as fast as you can get with your reflexes (you can act rather than react).

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    Okay number of issues to address, but let me start with the catching things behind your back.

    In order to catch a projectile behind your back you will need to sense that projectile without seeing it. To do that you'll need extra sense that most people lack or you'll need to use your mind to figure out what is going to happen.

    The extra sense is not going to happen. There are no magic powers that gives you extra sense. Great for story telling, but not very realistic. If you believe that you can train such a magical abilities I have an invisible jet built in ancient island of Amazon to sell you.

    That leaves mind predicting what's going to happen. If you threw something, with enough experience you can predict where that throw will end up and catch things without seeing it. Like wise if you have a dumb opponent that you can very easily read even without seeing them then you might be able to catch a strike or throw without sensing it. For example you would know where he is standing, you can hear the wind up and the throw, and you know that he'll be aiming to the center mass of your head, then maybe you can catch/deflect the attack. But it shows more of inability of the attacker than the ability of the defender, and not something you can rely on even if you trained for it.

    On the general reflex question(btw, that whole extra sense thing has nothing to do with reflexes), you get fast reflex by doing more of what you are trying to get faster at. For example you can do those computer reflex training with the mouse click, but it wouldn't really have a bearing on how fast you can react to a sudden punch. You have to train with sudden punches often to get faster at reacting to them. Sounds simple? Obvious? Yes, most things in martial art is that simple and obvious. But you'll notice that you will read but not act on this information. That's the secret. The people who actually act on this simple information and dedicate themselves to the practice of it become masters. Those who just read it and ignore the answers right in front of them becomes the unskilled masses.

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    if you dont know the basics of training your reflexes you shouldn't bother to try

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    How To Train Your Reflexes

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    That's your vision not your relfexes. You have to train in blue belt and above BJJ to access that kind of training.

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    Walk Main St in your town where they have all the store fronts with the big windows. Watch the reflection in the window as you admire the goods. You can see anything that will come from behind you and therefore will be able to react to anything coming from behind. You will be amazing and everybody will wonder how you do it.

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    most reflexes are inert

    that is it is part of your make up

    it is what separtes bruce lee from the rest of us

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