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Which flea medicine would you recommend?

This year fleas have been horrible in our area and my normal method of Frontline Plus is not working. I have a 3 year old cat and 1.5 year old 65 lbs dog.

When I went to pick up my dogs HeartGard prescription I asked my vet and he gave a two months sample of NexGard. I just looked up reviews though and they are horrible everyone is saying it killed their dogs. But most reviews for flea medicine are bad so it is hard to say. I know at least one is false as it said "My dog was diagnosed with cancer 2 days after first dose. Our vet said it was unrelated but I know better!"

It still managed to scare me. What would you recommend?

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    I've been using NexGard for over a year. It works great, and my dog has had no adverse effects. I started it because I mentioned to my vet that I hated topicals, and one of her employees, whom I trust said she used it and recommended it. I'm very happy with it, but I think I will check out those reviews. I didn't see anything like that when I started it.

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    I use Nexgard as well. The thing you need to realize is that if something goes wrong a person will probably write a review while if it goes right they won't think twice about it. No problems and my vet has never had any problems either. The only issue I've heard is some dogs ending up with heartworm or other disease even when with HeartGard. I use both and haven't had any issues yet.

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    The one my vet thinks is best is what I'd use.

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    Advantix has worked well for me for both dogs and cats

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