Since Hillary Clinton compared herself to Abraham Lincoln @the last U.S.Presidential debate, Your thoughts on adding a black beard and a?

"stovepipe" hat to the bike rider in this video for a campaign commercial for Hillary, stating,

"Hillary IS PEDALING hard, for YOUR vote"!

I'm Hillary Clinton, and I APPROVED this message!


Miss Gulch-extended underscoring - YouTube

Video for miss gulch▶ 2:35

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Nov 28, 2010 - Uploaded by Allan Fisch

Miss Gulch scene from The Wizard of Oz remixed using the original multi-channel music recording. Includes ...


Keep movin' the question, phags!

Update 2:

You gotta' admit it.

If you HAVE a sense of humor, this IS FUNNY, HUH?

CATEGORYChangin' LOOZER???????????

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  • 4 years ago
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    It was factually correct that the comment she was asked to speak about was made in the context of her discussing the film Lincoln...

    However, I certainly don't think Hillary Clinton is very comparable to Abe Lincoln

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