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Louis asked in PetsFish · 4 years ago

Filter that can work with sand substrate?

Hello. I had a 75 gallon freshwater tropical aquarium with sand substrate. I have a top fin filter (i know bad). when i opened it i realized the instructions said not to use sand. I tried it anyway but the fabric cartridges just disintegrate. There s several other brands but none of the specifically say whether or not they work with sand. I dont want to buy one only to open it and see that its not for sand substrate. Any reccomendations? Id rather not have an undergravel filter as the aquarium is already up and running. thanks

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    4 years ago
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    Sand will stop up any cartridge type filter. With sand and a cartridge filter you have to make sure the intake isn't too close to the bottom of the tank. Unplug it any time you're doing maintenance or water changes to the tank. You can also put a sponge pre-filter on the intake to reduce risk of it ingesting the sand. You can try using a canister type filter instead. They can be a bit more hardy when dealing with sand but of course their intake shouldn't be too close to the sand either. A lot of sand can really jack up any motorized filter so they key is not letting it get into the filter in the first place.

  • 4 years ago

    What anon said ; no filter or pump should be allowed to suck up sand.

    You can cut the intake tube shorter so it's farther from the bottom if necessary

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