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Why is America such a bad place to grow up and live in, especially when we're going broke?

This is NOT exactly how I feel. Just theories for an article. Here are the points:

1.) We overspend on our MILITARY more than so many nations combined many of which are allies, so we wouldn't even fight them. That money could be used for healthcare, education,'s also money we don't have from what I've been told. The US spends more than it takes in.

2.)That's the next issue. Our national debt is about $18 TRILLION, it was only billions decades ago, and we had a surplus in the 90s. Nations with high debt and never paying it off have been led to economic collapse. Look at Argentina and Venezuela now: food shortages, starvation,no jobs...America is said to be a land of opportunity and you get what you make. That won't be possible soon if we're growing broke everyday, right?

3.)Next, education...My uncle went to night college part-time while working in a limo service job. It paid his bills, paid his tuition, now if I were to do school part-time as well, get a full-time job like he did, I would not be able to save for a house for myself, pay for college with 0 debt and have insurance like he did. We are hitting hyperinflation. When society doesn't invest in education people lose ability to become indepdendent and have opportunity which leads to economic collapse and when that happens, countries don't come back, they get worse. Some kids work 3 jobs and do school full time, that was never needed before, everyone is getting poorer


.4.)Enviornment and JOBS are dwindling to nothing. Pollution is increasing causing droughts nationwide, bees are dying which means no pollination and no food, AND companeis continue to automate and outsource jobs. How are people suppose to make it when they're too broke to? Is this all a conspiracy to make us little people fail and starve?

Update 2:

5.)HEALTHCARE-People are 100% possible to be left to die from no treatment if they don't have the right or best insurance and no money. Obamacare has made it worse cause now people need to pay penalties and still lack healthcare. Michael Moore exposed this in "Sicko" say what you want, those people interviewed were people. A baby died cause the hospital didn't take that insurance. again...why is a country that seems so heartless and bad given so much hype

Update 3:

I place in military section because who better than to prove the points right or wrong than the people who risk the most? I figure they would handle this the best since the main political section is racist and cruel. I want intelligent viewpoints...Is AMerica really great?

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    #1 - Not really a problem. We spend a fraction on the military that we spend on entitlements.

    #2 - The debt is a problem but not one that will cause collapse - yet. Rather than reforming or cutting entitlements as needed we tend to expand them without sound fiscal and social reasoning.

    #3 - You can thank the feds and 'education establishment' for that. Federal money thrown at colleges increases the costs of colleges. The more money that is available, the higher the costs will go. The education establishment has added thousands of unnecessary administration jobs and created utterly useless 'fields of study' as majors. When your uncle went to school part time while working it is a pretty safe bet he did not major in any kind of 'studies'. He got a degree that would teach him skills and give him the tools to increase his earning power.

    #4 - Environment - The US has and continues to make great strides in its reduction of pollution. IN fact, we have made greater strides outside of environmental treaties than most signers of those treaties. Germany for example has managed to increase it's greenhouse gas production with it's 'renewable' push and closing of nuclear power generation. It now imports far more US coal than ever.

    Jobs - The US regulatory environment, labor laws and capital costs are the main reasons jobs leave the US. We push them out as a country.

    #5 - Healthcare - If you wish to live with the restrictions the Cubans face, go for it. The biggest inhibitor of expanding healthcare access in the US is the government, both federal and state. Follow that by 'professional' organizations that work actively to restrict lower cost options (like labor unions restrict lower cost labor) and you have what we have. A total mess. Single payer is not the answer. Most people would be better off with the 'old' system, pre-ACA. That was awful but there were more options for solutions then. Now the 'only' way forward is total government take-over. That will destroy the country as e knew it. The Constitution will be virtually meaningless once 'healthcare' can be used as a reason to deny every right the government wishes.

    We are rapidly destroying the United States of America and replacing it with some unrecognizable monstrosity where the central government has control, the citizen's voice is crushed and freedom as meant at our founding is long gone.

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  • Peter
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    3 years ago

    Does America have it's problems? Sure, without question. But I've been around the world more than once and I'd rather live here than any other place on the planet. Most of us live better than 99% of the rest of the world.

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  • Joan
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    3 years ago

    The government is broken they don't care about the people they're supposed to represent, they have their own agendas, which says it all. They are just paving the way for revolution, and the spirit of revolt has never been more alive than now. People are really sick and tired of this BS and are ready to take action and make drastic changes.

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  • 3 years ago

    It's not.

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  • Zhu
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    3 years ago

    Other Americans, mostly. If you learn to read a little faster than others do, like books a little more than others do, you *will* be persecuted. Not just in childhood, either. And because of declining opportunities, guanxi is far, far, more important to success than intellectual abilities. Look at the careers of Bush II or of Trump!

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Problem #1 - Too many welfare people in the U.S.

    Problem #2 - America is too generous. Too much money spent on other countries.

    Problem #3 - America is not broke. There is money in the U.S., but it's in the wrong hands.

    Problem #4 - America needs to return to Imperialism. Being nice to everyone is not working.

    • Writer1573 years agoReport

      @Joe I can see that's why you didn't answer #5. Letting innocent people die is ok with you?

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  • 3 years ago

    Yet the Trumpet wants to spend more on the military and build it up to what it used to be. Of course the wars we fight today are no way like the wars we fought decades ago; so a military like it used to be would be useless in today's conflicts.

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