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Can the Cubs wrap up the NLDS tonight in San Francisco?

The Giants won a hard-fought game last night, but tonight the Cubs have another chance to close the deal in San Francisco with John Lackey pitching.

He s pitched in and won some big postseason games with the Red Sox and Angels.

Can the Cubs close the deal tonight in San Francisco and advance to the NLCS?

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    You know, Joe Maddon came into Chicago with this reputation of being a managerial genius but I'm not seeing it. When you get right down to it, the cat is weird and, if his teams did not do well, he would have been run out of baseball years ago.

    The one constant of Maddon's teams is that they've all relied on terrific young players. If those kids play well, as they have in Chicago, the team does well. If the kids need time to develop, as his first couple of Rays teams did (as well as the 2014 club), the team struggles.

    Maddon is not smarter than other managers; he's just able to make his players BELIEVE that he is.

    He's nothing but a con man and 3rd-rate magician, and his smooth move last night -- bringing Chapman in to start the 8th -- was an epic failure . Even worse, he tried to push blame off on Chapman, telling the media Chapman wanted to come into the game. That was a gutless move.

    Anyway, to answer your question, Lackey pitched well in August and September -- 3-1, 2.43 ERA -- and he's solid in the postseason. Matt Moore, going for San Fran, was 4-2 in September but didn't pitch particularly well -- 1.50 WHIP, 5.17 ERA -- so this is a game that the Cubs SHOULD win.

    If Maddon resists the urge to meddle and lets his players do their job, the Cubs will wrap it up tonight.

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