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Are birthday clowns in danger because of the clown sightings?

Will birthday clowns be a thing of the past because of the increased paranoia of clowns? Wouldn't they get harassed and arrested? Not all clowns want to cause terror or panic.


Could you image a birthday clown being constantly harassed by the cops like some black guy? lol

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    Maybe they'll create permits or licences or something for party companies who employ clowns to prove that it's their job to dress like a clown. For Halloween, the adult clown costumes will most likely be taken down. I'm sorry but I keep thinking of Michael Meyers. It's getting out of hand. Is it just a joke or is there really a threat out there?

  • Robin
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    4 years ago

    as of right now anybody caught wearing a clown suit will be fined in the u.s $50,000 dollars

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