How do you get audiobooks on Windows 10?

I know I own audiobooks on my Amazon account, but whenever I go to "Kindle" on a computer with Windows 10, it only shows regular printed books. Can you even get audio books on a laptop?

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  • 4 years ago
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    You can buy the Audible audiobooks at Amazon and they are often cheaper if you bought the ebook there. I bought one yesterday. Don't pick the Listen for Free option because that will sign you up to a $15/month Audible subscription that only gives you one audiobook per month.

    You can also buy Audible audiobooks at (with your Amazon login).

    To listen to your already-owned Audible audiobooks on Windows 10, you can log into then pick Library in the top area of the window. Pick the Audiobook you own that you wish to listen to.

    OR install the Audible app for Windows 10 and then you should be able to download the Audiobook and listen to it offline.

    Here are the Audible apps - scroll way down for the Windows 10 one.

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