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Are cats good about getting back home if they've never gotten out?

My parents have a 9 year old cat that which they would probably age 20 years if something happened to it. It's a house cat because there are so many loose dogs in this area that are allowed to run around. For the first time in their life it got out today because the back porch door wouldn't close due to wood swelling from rain. They saw her sitting on the side of the curb in front of our house and quickly ran over to them only to be picked up and taken inside. We used to have 2 outside and inside cats that had an outside door so they could come inside and outside whenever. I worry about the current cat for my parents sanity because I don't want it getting out and getting hit or ripped up by a dog.

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    There was a study done because it was believed for the longest time cats travel far away from their house when they are outside but it's been disproved cats actually stay within approximately two houses away from their home the reason why because where they live is where they eat and cats as it was discovered do not stray far from their food.

    Now it's better to keep cats indoors than outdoors because there are allot of things outside which can kill a cat. Yes you got one of them dogs and other animals can harm your cat and even kill them and there are animals which might have rabies so if you didn't vaccinate your cat for rabies they could get it if they are bitten by another animal. Also feline leukemia is contagious if a cat that has the disease rubs up against something outside and your cat rubs us against the same object if you didn't vaccinate your cat they can get feline leukemia this is not cancer but a virus. And of course if you like by a street there is always the possibility your cat could get ran over by a vehicle. And of course there are just some people that hate cats so they will either shoot them or poison them when they come onto their property.

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    Cats are able to track their homes down by scent, much like dogs. Their cat may pee outside, and this is normal. They are marking the area with their scent so they can

    a) ward off other felines

    b) know that it's theirs

    They are also able to remember where they are and how to get places.

    I do suggest that your parents keep their cat indoors, but if it does get out, they shouldn't panic. If the cat doesn't know the outside very well, it's unlikely it'll go far, so they should be able to keep an eye on it. In fact, they may want to go out with the cat, on a nice day!

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    Then tell your parents to be more careful with making sure the doors are shut and repair the door that's having issues.

    Yes of course this cat will end up run over by a car, eaten by a coyote, killed by a loose dog, etc, if it gets out again. Is that what happened to your other two cats? And why do you think they care so much about this cat when they clearly didn't about the other two cats they let roam?

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    Usually not. They get panicked and scared and usually end up pretty far away. However they will stay around under a few circumstances. If the cat can hear someone in or around the house that they recognize they might be attracted to the voice they know and stay around. Once my cat got out without any of us noticing and my mom was in her office on the phone with someone and she heard a meow from outside and looked to find my cat sitting outside the window. My cat could hear my mom's voice and recognized it so he stay there. It also works with smells. My dad has a big work shed that he goes and works in all the time and has a couch in there and stuff for breaks. My cat got out and we ended up finding him on that couch, not even sure how he found his way in but he had smelled something he recognized and went to it. Also know that cats do have a sense of danger once they get outside. My mom opened the front door for someone and her old cat sprinted outside but got about 5 feet outside and sprinted to the wall of the house in the front yard and froze looking out at it and my mom was able to pick her up and bring her back inside.

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    it will come back on it's own when it's ready

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