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Do I stink, or is it all in my head?

This is really bothering me. I feel like people at my school talk about me saying I smell bad and I hear them cough near me or sniff a lot when they see me. No one has told me to my face that I smell bad, but no one would do that unless they knew the person really well. Whenever I ask people if I smell, they always say no, but I don't think they can actually smell me that well since they aren't that close. I'm not sure. Its actually like a couple of specific people on my campus who ALWAYS cough and sniff when they see me. Everyone else doesn't react. My boyfriend says I smell good and they its all in my head and my friends tell me that I don't smell bad. But why do others react like I smell? Can someone help???


I shower at least 2x a day and wash my hair a lot, wear deodorant, brush my teeth after I eat, and always have clean clothes. I eat clean and I don't wear any strong fragrances.

Update 2:

@captain lol, I wish. then at least I would know I'm not hallucinating

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    Well if you're not wearing perfume or cologne, get some. Then, you can know if the coughers are just being assholes or not.

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    so take a shower once and awhile and use body deodorant

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    This happened to me one day but i actually **** my pants and was too embarrased to admit it. Maybe you **** yourself?

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