Anyone have some Tasty, easy, yet healthy vegan recipes?

So first, im just gonna let you know that i have spd, so things like lettuce, broccoli, and mushy things like mashed potatoes make me literally go crazy. So please no recipes including those things,

Second, i don't have a lot of utensils, all i have is a few spoons, forks and knives, regular sized bowls, a microwave, an oven, and a stove.

Also i feel, the less ingredients the better. Also i would like some ways to hide healthy things in tasty food

Please no being rude, if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. and please dont disrespect my life style choices and tell me to eat meat, we are all free to our opinions, and i will be ignoring all answers that are rude or disrespectful. Thanks!

ALSO: i prefer savory over sweet, and i dont like spices.

and if anyone has a way i could make vegan mac and cheese "healthier" that would be awsome


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  • Louis
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    4 years ago
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    I wasn't planning on answering this question, but then I saw that you had given some good answers to other people. In fact, i was going to answer a question, but you did such a good job that i didn't have to. So I figure I owe you one.

    Some of my suggestions you will probably reject - cause I'm not sure I understand your preferences. but let me just do the spagettie approach. If i throw out enough ideas then maybe a few will stick

    For breakfast I basically have 5 things I alternate.

    #1 is a smoothie. and there are just so many kinds. go ahead and google "vegan smoothies" and you will get like 100. but my favorite is soy milk, banana, flax seed and peanut butter.

    #2 hot cereals. not too often in the summer but a lot of times. however oatmeal is pretty "mushy" so it might make you go crazy. but maybe you can sort of crunch it up some. How bout add a lot of raisins, some granola, some slivered almonds, maybe some ground flax seed or hemp seed, and some berries.

    #3 cold cereal. with your favorite plant milk and fruit.

    #4 I buy these things called primeval energy bars at the store but if you can't find them you can make your own. oh! I just thought of something else. if you can't eat oatmeal cause its too mushy, there is a recipe I make sometimes for oatmeal muffins. You will need to buy some muffin cups. but even the paper ones will work.

    #5. again this might be too mushy - but on weekends I love to make a tofu scramble. again there are hundreds of recipes on the web or you can invent your own.

    Vegan morning snacks: Trail mix, fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, granola.....


    A lot of my lunches are just me reheating last nights dinner in the microwave at work. I also mass produce bean buritoes on the weekends, and freeze them. easy to reheat at work. I also make a big pot of chili on some weekends, or a big pot of lentil vegetable soup. Last month I made for the first time a lentil stew with vegan sausage. it is going to be a regular feature. I also mass produce PB&J sandwiches and freeze them. and one of my other favorites are veggie wraps. but I have to have them fresh - which means pretty much just a weekend food.

    Oh and on occasion i have a vegan pattie on a roll or a vegan sausage. these are great with green beans and steamed corn niblets or baked beans and fried sweet potatoes

    Post workout: I'll make 2 quarts of some kind of homemade smoothie. and put them in jars, tumblers and shaker bottles. (some day I aspire to own more than one shaker bottle). then stick them in the freezer. the night before I take one out of the freezer and put it in the frig for a morning drink. and if i'm working out after work. i'll stick a frozen one in my gym and have it at the gym. Just needs some good shaking.

    PM snacks: a vegan cookie and a glass of soy milk, or chips and humus, or pb and celery, or just some carrots.


    Veggie stir frys - over rice or quinoa,

    pasta and pasta sauce. small salad and a roll. last week end I made a great mushroom sauce for the first time. I still have some leftovers - but i totally liked it. Oh and if you are watching calories or carbs, add a "spiral-izer" to your kitchen. they are like $15. then you can make zucchini noodles. I have zucchini noodles about once a week. last night I had it with a avocado creamy sauce.

    And some nights I just make a big salad.

    Hope you got a few good ideas.

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  • 4 years ago

    I think you need to broaden your horizons if you're going to eat vegan. You CANNOT be picky on a vegan diet. You have to eat foods you probably won't like because without them you're not going to thrive. My advice is to try vegetarian first, get used to eating the things you don't like, learn to cook and season your food so that it tastes good, and get some general cookery skills, then tradition to vegan with recipes you've already tried. Some times fewer ingredients is fine, other times it makes a bland meal. And no seasonings? I'm afraid you'll find a vegan diet pretty boring if you don't put some flavor in your meals.

  • joe714
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    4 years ago

    if i put myself in your shoes then i would make a list of what foods i like that are vegan and construct a diet out of them.

    protein requirements for health aren't that high and you need very little fat intake. as long as you can construct a vegan diet of enough calories of fairly healthy foods to maintain a normal weight then you should be fine.

    everything i wanted to know about veganism- health, ethics and meals/recipes i have found on youtube.

    thousands of vegan videos. go on a youtube vegan cruise. lots of vegan mac and cheese recipes.

    i'm not picking anything for you because you know your limitations. i don't.

    since you have a limited selection of food choice you might want to look on at the food items you like because the site has info on how good or bad it might be for your health. you can construct a very healthy diet out of not that many different foods.

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  • 4 years ago

    Mac and cheese is never going to be healthy. It is nothing but fat and starch. The only way you can make it healthier is to just put the same cheese sauce on actual vegetables. That sauce pretty much works on anything. Stick it on beans, carrots, or both.

    In general, "savory" is just a way to say fat. This is why most cultures which are vegetarian tend to use spices or fat to make the food edible. You can't just fake the taste of meat without them. Vegetarian proteins are rarely tasty in their own right.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    What are you just assuming people are going to be rude for? I wouldn't have said anything if you were just asking for recipes but it's you that is rude, sir.

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  • 3 years ago

    Will depend on the context really. Which is better as a snack - fresh fruit personally. It's tastier and gives you that little bit of sweetness. Which can be better as a snack if you are trying hard to slice back on sugar and lose weight vegetables

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  • 3 years ago

    fruits and veggies when unripe has starches as carbohydrates and becomes into fructose when it ripens.

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