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Rap & Hip Hop: What are some of the WORST hip hop SONG TITLES in your opinion? (BQ's)?

I mean you can pick many since you can go as far back as the 70's with hip hop. I'll start off the discussion with none other than Flexicution by Logic. LMFAOO seriously, how much more cringe can you get? Free Meal by Funk Volune is another WOAT song title as well. I could probably also list a fvckload of Tyler the Creator songs as well. I mean the list would go on. Also keep in mind, just because a song title could be corny, it doesn't mean the song is. The ones I listed are trash, though.

You guys list some now.


BQ1: What is your favorite rap song WITHOUT a hook?

BQ2: What rap song have you heard that you believe might have the most swearing in it?

BQ3: What is your favorite hip hop album title?

Sorry for the stupid cac like BQ's on this one 😔


BQ4: Has anyone else here besides me have a bad week so far? Lol. Great way for me to end my "childhood" since I turn 18 next Friday

BQ5: Buy or Sell: Powerade >>> Gatorade

BQ6: What is a "strange" fear that you have? Mine is escalators. Especially after seeing my Mom slip and fall down one at the mall when I was 4 (she's fine lol). I could actually go up escalators fine, but I would have to take an elevator to go down.

- Sportsdude

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    Yes Logic has some pretty average song titles. I really dislike "Like Woah"... such a corny song title. I also dislike "Hop Is Back".


    BQ2: Hit Em Up by Pac.

    BQ3: Liquid Swords


    BQ4: Kind of. Oh and if you live in your parents house, your childhood doesn't end when you're 18. Trust me. They will still treat you like a child.

    BQ5: Huge Buy. I never buy Gatorade. Always Powerade.

    BQ6: Esculators can be scary as Fvck. In Melbourne, one of the train stations have this super long and high escalators and when you're going up or down, it's just so scary looking down especially going up. My fear is just spiders, I don't have many fears although I do sometimes fear being diagnosed with cancer or any disease that's incurable.

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    Pretty childish to contemplate about hiphop titles lol.

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