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guy its my first time having a parrot. need some advise about how to take care of( i brought him 5 hours ago and he hast drunk or eaten)?

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  • 4 years ago
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    He's probably still very excited about his new home.

    You should comfort him. Gain his trust and then put a mixture of dried fruit and nuts in front of him. See what he likes.

    Try this: First, try slowly sweeping your extended index finger sideways towards his hips; nicely command him to "step up". If he runs from you, place your hand near him, tuck in your fingers. He'll get curious. Speak to him in a relaxing tone. This may not be successful the 1st time but keep your patience and keep bribing him with treats.

    It will take patience and you will probably be bit but YOU MUST NOT BE AFRAID OF HIM. Show kindness and patience. When he sees that he can't hurt you and that you are still patient and kind, he'll see he can't intimidate you.

    Once he is on your hand, hold him close in towards your belly and begin stroking him over top of his head and then near his "cheeks". Do not be afraid to rub deep under his feathers on the back of hisneck.

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