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Why did Tim Kaine lie about Hillary and Iran's Nuclear deal? Didn't he know every fact-checker on the planet would destroy him?

He kept repeating this like a robot:

"She worked a tough negotiation with nations around the world to eliminate the Iranian nuclear weapons program without firing a shot"

ABC debunked this claim.

NPR debunked this claim.

NYT debunked his claim.

PolitiFact used his own previous claim to debunk his claim.

FYI, Unrelated to their debunking of that claim, John Kerry was actually Secretary of State when the Iran Deal went through.


VanHelsing....the claim was that the deal eliminated the Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program. It doesn't not. Not even According to Tim Kaine just a few months ago.

Update 2:

laduron7 ...yes, PolitiFact rates it as mostly true....but in their own commentary, they say it is false, according to Kaine's previous claim. That's kind of what PolitiFact does. They lie even when they know, and admit they are lying.

Update 3:, because that's not what he actually said, so that's why Pence said, "he didn't say that". It was pretty obvious. Especially when you put the video/audio right next to Kaine's claims. He clearly didn't say it.

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    He was just trying to put Clinton supporters at ease by showing that he could lie as well as Hillary, they seem to like that.

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    Hillary wasn't involved in the final negotiations, that's true. But she did help get the ball rolling initially. The Iran deal was the result of years of preparation.

    By the way, one of your fact checkers rates this claim as "Mostly True". And below is the link to prove it:

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    He didn't. Hillary worked with Obama and other nations while SOS to build the groundwork for the Agreement. John Kerry finished the job as her successor. They both did a great deal of work on it, so she can rightly claim a rather large hand in the deal. Kerry has no problem with the truth. All I see are cons desperately trying to make something out of nothing, as usual.

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    Why did Mike Pence continually say "he never said that"? Same reason.

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