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What do I do with the family portrait now that my brother is divorced?

I really like the photo but it has his ex-wife in it. My parents took it down because of that. I threw away the picture of just he and his wife but what about the family photo?


My brother is almost where he wants to erase all signs of her though they have two kids so he still sees her via them and I am sure we occasionally will see her at graduations and stuff though it will be rare.

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    That is the worst idea, 'erase her out of your life' especuially since he has children.

    put all the pictures in a box, when his children are older they will appreciate seeing pictures of them together, afterall it's their parents. it's part of their life, their history. don't remove it or take it away from them.

    but there are a few options for you.

    you could have someone edit her out of the picture, maybe upload either a very good photo of it, a scan, or something that people can work with, put it on reddit and ask users to photoshop her out.


    retake the picture.

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    You do not have to get rid of family photos because exes are in them. It is time for a new family portrait though.

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    Permanent markers might be a good first step. Or maybe just a red circle with a slash through it would work. After all, that is a universal symbol.

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    when my middle son attended winter ball he was picked as a partner by an ugly turkish girl. i am a raving racist, i absolutely can not stand the sight of coloured people next to me or my family. so on the picture i glued a smiley face onto her face. so just glue smth on her face that u don't need to look at it. no need to throw a perfectly good picture of your family

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    i would just keep it and dont tell anyone

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