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sophia asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 3 years ago

Rate these names for my story characters?

Elena "Lane" Marie Brennan

Hannah Jamie Tyler

Christine "Chrissy" Maribeth Rose

Michaela Lily Medina

Francesca Anne Medina

Jessica Yvonne Lee

Brody Alexander Carter

Thomas James Sanders

Evan Samuel Washington

Christian Max Reynolds


Thanks Layla. I'll change Brody's name to Brody James and Thomas's to Alexander.

So it's Brody James Carter and Thomas Alexander Sanders.

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    3 years ago
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    Elena "Lane" Marie Brennan - 8

    Hannah Jamie Tyler - 10

    Christine "Chrissy" Maribeth Rose - 9

    Michaela Lily Medina - 8

    Francesca Anne Medina - 10

    Jessica Yvonne Lee - 9

    Brody Alexander Carter - 8

    Thomas James Sanders - 10

    Evan Samuel Washington - 10

    Christian Max Reynolds - 9

    I really love all of these names! Very timeless, well-grounded, and wonderful. It's so refreshing that they're real, traditional names & not silly, made-up ones.

    There is NOTHING worse (to me) than trying to read a story full of characters with stupid, trendy names. Complete turnoff. When a character has a tacky name, or a name that's impossible to pronounce (or misspelled) it hurts my eyes, and I just skip over the name, or re-name it in my head. I one read book where the main character's name was Emberlyn, and I mentally changed her name to Evelyn so that I could get through the story.

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  • layla
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    3 years ago

    Elena Marie Brennan - beautiful

    Hannah Jamie Tyler - good

    Christine Maribeth Rose - not my style

    Michaela Lily Medina - not good flow

    Francesca Anne Medina - not good flow

    Jessica Yvonne Lee - good

    Brody Alexander Carter - not good flow

    Thomas James Sanders - VERY BAD flow

    Evan Samuel Washington - good

    Christian Max Reynolds - good

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  • 3 years ago

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    • sophia
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      3 years agoReport

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      i don't want to get yahoo answers beef so can you **** off please
      besides "sereka" sounds like someone vomiting.

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