Pennsylvania Unemployment Question?

I m having a big issue. I resigned from my position with an employer for medical reasons, and soon after pursued a more optimal employment opportunity. The new employer fired me and my entire group the day of orientation. Even though they hadn t taken in our tax documents, we were still on file as employees and had official offer letters. I do understand the laws of PA unemployment, either 6 months of employment or $3000 earned. But, upon terminating us, the company explained it was due to a large scale mistake on their part and that if we filed for unemployment that they would not contest it. Is this basically stating that they would communicate with unemployment to approve us for unemployment through them? Would I have to get my unemployment approved through my previous employer or them? This is really confusing.

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  • Ti
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    4 years ago

    File for unemployment using the employer who let you go at orientation. They say they wouldn't contest your claim, so you are good to go.

    Unemployment compensation is based on your 6 months of employment or $3.000. It doesn't matter where you worked or earned the 3 grand.

    Unemployment compensation is based on your LAST employer. Your previous employer is no longer relevant.

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