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Can anyone tell me about Sebastian Stan?

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    1- he is from Romania

    2- he plays bucky/James Buchanan Barnes/winter solider in the marvel universe

    3- he recently broke up with his long time Russian girlfriend (forgot her name)

    4- favorite fruit blueberries

    5- his mother was a piano teacher in Romania

    6- he moved to New York at like 12 I think and has lived there for the rest of his teenage years.

    7- he's an amazing actor


    9- and a ADORABLE DORK

    10- he's been in

    * ouat- Jefferson, madhatter

    * gossip girl- Carter

    And a lot of other films.

    11- he's in his 30s

    I would tell u more but I forgot. Hope this helps.

    Excuse my bad punctuation and grammer or what ever.

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