Does brand matter when buying an ssd?

I want to get an ssd for my pc i already have a 500gb ultra sandisk ssd on my laptop and was looking to get one for my pc specifically for boot speed so i was going to get a 250gb ssd pro from samsung but noticed it cost a little bit more than my 500gb ssd, should i pay more for less gb? does the samsung ssd offer better speed? Does the brand matter?thank you.

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  • Herfot
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    4 years ago
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    Some brands have a better reputations for performance, innovation and reliability. Samsung is definitely up there if not king of the mountain at the moment.

    As far as SATA III SSD go. While there are some differences in speed especially under a heavy workload you aren't likely to notice them in daily use. The Samsung 850 Evo and Pro have a decent edge over most of the competition.

    As far as the Samsung 850 Pro vs an 850 Evo. The only real advantage is the higher quality memory. Which has a much higher write endurance. Which only really matters if you are constantly writing a lot of data to the SSD. Such as using it as a scratch disk for pro Photoshop work or video editing projects. I'd put it in a workstation or server but not a home or office computer.

    Unless you need high capacities. I'd use an M.2 NVMe drive over any Pro SATA III SSD. As they have a huge performance advantage. Such as the OCZ RD400, Kingston Predator or Samsung 950/951/960/961 models.

    There are some crap brands. I never just look at the professional reviews. If you want to see if an individual SSD is reliable. Take a look at the customer reviews on Newegg or Amazon. The Samsung 850 Evo and Pro are definitely top notch on this front. They are also far more popular than the competition. When you look at the number of reviews.

    I use a Samsung 840 Evo myself. I also have Crucial, Sandisk and AData. They all have been great. I'll stick with Samsung on my gaming rig. But my work computers and media server will just use a good budget brand.

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    4 years ago

    It's not about the brand of the SSD, it's about the (brand of the) controller inside - some controllers are more effective than others.

    And as it happens, Samsung makes SSD control chips. GOOD ONES.

    ( nobody makes really bad control chips, but Samsung consistently rates among the top in tests )

    So check the technical details of that other SSD to see what controller chip it uses (by which manufacturer the chip was made).

  • Fulano
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    4 years ago

    Not really... pay attention to what you're getting for the brand, don't just follow a name.

    For example, look at reviews for the company's tech support. How long is their warranty, what is the drive's reviews?

    Every company has bad products, that's why reviews are a good way to tell if a particular drive is worth it or not. I also like to get drives that have longer warranties, it's a sign that they trust that product.

    As for the drive's speed, manufacturers love twisting numbers to try to look better. Instead, look up benchmarks that show real tests on how drives perform and compare.

  • 4 years ago

    Samsung are the leaders in SSD making at the minute

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