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Andy T asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 4 years ago

Is there a stat-site that has TEAM rushing-success-rate?

I know Football Outsiders has success rate for running backs with at least 100 carries (by the end of the season), but I'm looking for it collected for an entire team (on a per-season basis).

I know Pro Football Reference has play-by-play data available -- so you can paste to a spreadsheet and calculate the SR for yourself -- but you can only return 500 plays at a time so I'd really rather just leave this as a last resort.

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  • 4 years ago

    First, I'm not even sure what you're asking!. What do you mean by "success rate"? A basic site like ESPN has good stat sorting capabilities, where you can pull up stats by team or by individual. So under team rushing, you'd get basic team stats like total rushing yards, yards per game, yards per carry, TDs, etc. There's a pulldown to get these stats from prior seasons.

    I'm not familiar with the site you mention, but the "bible" for fantasy is PFF (Pro Football Focus). These guys have complex metrics that pretty much cover everything. I'm not sure about how easily data can be imported into other platforms, but this is where I'd check if I were you.

    I'm still curious what SR is though! I started playing this crazy game as a kid in my daddy's league in the days of Excel formulas and spreadsheets keeping track of stuff. I've never used the term or heard it. I just mention it in case you're trying to create something nobody would use.

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