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Owen asked in SportsBasketball · 4 years ago

What i would have done in Phil Jackson Postion if i was thinking like Phil Jackson as Knicks GM, do you agree?

1. When Carmelo Anthony was a Free Agent, i would have convinced him to leave to Chicago, Tell Carmelo that the Knicks are more of in a rebuild mode, then to compete. There is no way we can compete with the Cavs/Warriors Right now/ Carmelo understand and leaves to Chicago.

2. During the Draft because its Phil Jackson, Still pick Kristaps Porzingis but build around Porzingis.

3. Derek Fisher could still be coach because were not trying to win now.

4. Still Get Robin Lopez, Start Jerian Grant Bench Calderon.

5. Knicks new Starting 5 PG Grant SG Afflalo SF Derrick WIlliams PF Kristaps Porzingis C Robin Lopez Bench PG Calderon SG Galloway SF Thomas PF Kyle Oquinn C Kevin Sherpian. This would just be the team for now and just compete and have fun learn the triangle amd grow as a team. The Next season you just get guys who want to come to NY.

Thats what i would have done. Just train the young guys and compete for the playoffs and let Carmelo Anthony win on Chicago.

5. Basically Carmelo Anthony is holding us back from rebuilding, and were holding Carmelo back from winning. Carmelo needs to be the third guy on a team to do well not the number 1 guy or the number 2 guy. I would have done this, and continued working on my team to make it better, then tanked when we have picks. To pair Porzings up with yet another young Stud.

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  • Bob
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    4 years ago
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    I agree that keeping Anthony has held the Knick's back from rebuilding, I am not sure that Jackson being unwilling to move him has held him back from winning ( assuming you mean win a title or even make the finals) because I don't think that Anthony would do well as the third guy, I feel his ego would get in the way, and even if it did not he is a ball stopper and it's really hard to win with a player like that playing a major role

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  • 4 years ago

    you have to remember the Knicks had traded their 2016 pick before Phil got there, so there was no point to tanking. I agree, resigning Melo was a bad basketball decision for both sides, but there were only so many options

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