Thinking about joining the Texas National Air Guard as a full time student in college and with a part time job??

Hello everyone, now before i begin, i know the best option is to actually talk to an actual recruiter, but the closet recruiter to me is about 2hrs away from my location. In addition, it is always great to get the input from others, especially those who are in the ANG and/or have someone they know in the ANG. On to the the main question though, my biggest concern as i think about the ANG is... will i be able to manage as a full time college student with a part time job and also be in the ANG? I know its "one weekend a month, a few weeks a year" but that's at minimum, from what i've heard at least. I'm looking into the ANG because of the benefits I might receive as a Texas member, such as tuition benefits, personal (healthcare, mortgage, etc.) All answers are appreciated!

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    Its certainly possible and I have many friends in both the Air National Guard and the Air Force Reserves who went to college like what you are proposing and got an education. I just ran into a young lady today at the Cardinal game that I used to know who did that exact thing and is now a speech pathologist who did several years in the ANG and then got out after completing college and taking a full time job in her field. I myself went to college along with pursuing a career fighting full contact and tending bar part time the same way after doing four years initially of active duty.

    A couple of things though about this. Flying squadrons and flying type AFSCS (jobs) carry more demands for your time than one weekend per month and two weeks of annual tour per year. So depending on the squadron and your job in it be prepared for giving more time. However its still not un-doable; its just more challenging. The one thing you can do to help yourself in this though is to try and enlist into a unit that is close to where you live, go to college, and work part-time. Less than an hour commute one way. That way as you sometimes go back and forth between them you are not losing so much time commuting and things then are more easily juggled and managed.

    I also know that the Texas ANG has some good units because I deployed with them and was embedded with them during one of my deployments. They were first class in their approach to doing their job. If you are the type of person that can apply themselves and who can manage their time and schedule well then its definitely doable. Time management and scheduling will be critical for you being able to juggle all those things and that all becomes increasingly more difficult if you are spending time commuting between any of these things.

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    Your benefits would be low cost health insurance (only AD gets it free), a VA loan and help paying for your college (it's not a full load education bill like the GI Bill).

    The only time you might get call up is for natural disasters.

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    A call up (mobilization) can be for any national emergency by the US President. The state Governor can call you for natural disasters or civil unrest within your state.

    Lots of benefits and discounted benefits for 39 days service a year.

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    it can be done if you are committed to it. It takes some organization but is worth it for benefits. Call the recruiter and he can give you the details. He will also come to you with the information.

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  • 4 years ago

    what health care, mortgage ?

    and note, you may have to miss up to a full year of school to complete the training necessary

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