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Should I anonymously let someone know she reminds me of Rosamund Pike in Return To Sender? DVD on doorstep. Illegal?

In the movie Return To Sender Rosamund Pike played a closeted psychopath. Somebody I know reminds me exactly of her. I thought I might be hyperboling just because I don't like her but, somebody else said the same thing while we watched the movie without me mentioning.

For people who never saw the movie, she is a control freak who gets raped. She then befriends her rapist to get him close enough for revenge. It becomes apparent in time that she was always a psychopath even before the rape.

I was thinking about leaving a copy on her doorstep.

What concerns me the most is this is very threatening because the character was raped. She will instantly assume that a stalker who wants to rape her placed it. This will terrify her. She will likely call the police. Of course I would wear gloves as to not get prints.

Is simply leaving a dvd on someone's doorstep saying its you illegal?

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  • 4 years ago

    Mmmm, Rosamund Pike. Gaaaahh! She can appear on my doorstep anytime.

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