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Is Bashar Assad Syria's Michael Corleone?

Many have pointed out the eerie resemblance between the Godfather's Corleone family story and the Syria's ruling al-Assad family and that Syria is essentially ruled by a mafia family. In this case, Bashar Assad (Michael Corleone) dreamed of a posh life in the West as an eye doctor but was forced to become the unwilling successor of the family business and his father Hafez Assad (Vito Corleone) due to the untimely death of his older brother/heir apparent Bassel Assad (Sonny Corleone) in a car accident. He is the first in his family to marry an outsider as his wife Asma Akhras (Kay Adams) was not only Sunni (Assad family is Alawite) but also Westernized (born and raised in London). The similarity doesn't end there. Assad faced his own family's betrayal in the form of his uncle Rifaat Assad (Fredo Corleone) who tried to overthrow Hafez in 1984 and was forced into exile in France. Bashar's hot-tempered younger brother Maher (Vincent Corleone). His conniving older sister Bushra (Connie Corleone) was married to powerful Deputy Defense Minister Assef Shawkat (Carlo Rizzi) who was assassinated in 2012 (some suspect it was an inside job) and since moved to Dubai. Hafez's friend Mustafa Tlass (Don Altobello) betrayed Bashar in 2011. Hafez settled all family business by assassinating old coup rivals Salah al-Bitar (Don Fannucci) in Paris (1980), Muhammad Umran (Don Ciccio) in Lebanon & executed Salim Hatum (Virgil Sollozzo).


Similarly Prime Minister Mahmoud Zuabi (Salvatore Tessio) allegedly committed "suicide" in 2000 right before Hafez's death. In 2005, Bashar allegedly assassinated Lebanon Prime Minister Rafic Hariri (Moe Greene). During UN investigation of Hariri's death, Ghazi Kanaan (Frank Pentangeli) was forced to commit suicide.

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