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Who would take The Presidents place?

Ok so let say the President of the United States were to die or something really bad were to happen to him. Who would take the Presidents spot if something like that were to happen??

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    1 Vice President

    2 Speaker of the House of Representatives

    3 President pro tempore of the Senate

    4 Secretary of State

    5 Secretary of the Treasury

    6 Secretary of Defense

    7 Attorney General

    — Secretary of the Interior

    8 Secretary of Agriculture

    9 Secretary of Commerce

    10 Secretary of Labor

    11 Secretary of Health and Human Services

    12 Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

    13 Secretary of Transportation

    14 Secretary of Energy

    15 Secretary of Education

    16 Secretary of Veterans Affairs

    17 Secretary of Homeland Security

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    Vice President.

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    The Vice President.

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    The vice president. Happened when Kennedy was assassinated. Vice President Lyndon Johnson was president of the USA from Nov. 22. 1963 until January 26. 1969.

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    the VP

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