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What does the Confederate flag actually mean?

Is it really about racism?

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    The Confederate flag represents a regime of elitists owning human beings they regarded as subhuman, denying them the fruits of their own labor, and denying them their very humanity and dignity - everything our Constitution is against and was against.

    It represents the unrealistic philosophy of setting the bar extremely high as to what constitutes a human being and what doesn't, to the point where it was not only immoral but simply unwise and impractical to sustain such a philosophy.

    If blacks were not human, and therefore not worthy of freedom and access to the full fruits of their own labor, they would not have been running away or rebelling as often as they did, thereby making the creed of the Confederacy nothing more than a cult-like burden doomed to fail.

    The Confederate flag is one of many symbols of man's stupidity at its worst! Every time the Confederate flag flies, someone (the person(s) flying it) is saying "I'm dumb... I'm ignorant... I'm stupid!"

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    It was a flag, a rally point for the South. I don't know but I would imagine the number of stars are the same as the states in the 'South'. I don't know why people are so frightened by it, is a flag for **** sakes flown a long long time ago, get over it

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    It depends on who you ask. It was originally a battle flag that flew over a particular regiment. Unfortunately, much like with the swastika, it was taken by a group of people who used it to further a cause that is racist.

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    Plenty of history books on various interpretation of it

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  • 4 years ago

    They lost.

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