NRHH and RHH (B.Qs) : Do you know that maybe Y!A is planning to launch a mobile app ?

Check your mailbox there must be a survey which requires you to provide some suggestions on the upcoming mobile app.

Here is the link to the survey :

B.Q 1 : Most under appreciated solo album by a Wu Tang artist ?

B.Q 2 : Cappadonna vs Killah Priest ?

B.Q 3 : U-God vs Masta Killa ?

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    EDIT: forgot about BQs, my bad

    Yahoo is still haxxed though, Verizon has to fix what Melissa Mayer and the moderators f*cked up. Let's go sell a haxxed site then tell people that it was haxxed in 2014, what a grade A bag of sh*t. Yahoo is lucky most people don't know about the section 5 of the FTC privacy violation act, if they did, Yahoo would be gettin' sued harder than Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

    Q: Uncontrolled Substance, matter o' fact, any Deck album. Solid album after solid album and Ghost gets pulled into the top 10 convo for being 'consistent'

    BQ2: Killah Priest.

    BQ3: U God got better bars and production, if we're being honest here.

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    4 years ago

    Well it's about damn time, man. They really should consider it. They could attract more users with this idea. I've always wondered why they did not have one tbh.

    BQ1: No Said Date by Masta Killa

    BQ2: Killah Priest

    BQ3: Masta Killa

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