What should I do I stole something then returned it and I m getting sued .. it s in the details I stole a hard hat from a job I was at?

So I m a roofer and we were tearing of a roof at this house and the people who lived there were hoarders and there was this old 60s Era construction hard hat they had in the flowers and I took it 3 days later my uncle who is my boss got a text from them asking about it and they said it was there grandpa s who died ... so I felt bad and drove all the way out there put it back rang on the doorbell I was going to tell them I took it but they didn t answer now they call my uncle a week later and say they are going to sue and not pay for the roof we finished and they have video of me putting the helmet back and they say I damaged the helmet and shot it and put bullet holes in it which isn t true it s in the same condition that I took it in... is this actually going to go to court should I be worried

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  • Gary B
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    4 years ago
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    Yes, this WILL go to court. A person can use Small Claims Court to sue anyONE for anyTHING. The GOOD NEWS is that Small Claims Court has a financial limit of a few ($2K - $5K) financial limit, and yoiu DO NOT need a lawyer.

    The REST of it is "he said / she said". They make a claim, YOU say that's not rue, and then the judge decides which of you seems more "reliable".

    But the fact remains you DID take the helmet, because the recording PROVES that you took it back. How could you take it back if you didn't take it (illegally) in the first place. So you ARE guilty of a crime. But there is no damages, since you gave it back. The BIG question is where did the damage come from? The judge will decide.

    So, the NEXT issue is you and your uncle. He SHOULD fire you, since has now been PROVEN that you will and DO steal thing from HIS customers. You SHOULD be fired on principal alone -- YOUR dishonesty make HIM look bad. For him to stay in business needs a GOOD reputation, and YOU are ruining his.

    BEST possible outcome:

    The judge finds in your favor, and the case is dismissed.

    Your uncle fires you.

  • D50
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    4 years ago

    They're just trying to avoid paying for the roof. Taking the hardhat has nothing to do with what they owe for the job. As for taking the hardhat, they COULD sue you for damaging it but they can't prove anything. They could go to the cops to complain about stealing it, but it's doubtful that the cops would be interested. They're just cheapskates who are trying to use the hardhat business as an excuse to avoid paying a bill that they owe. (They agreed to pay for the roof, the roof is one, therefore they owe the money)

  • 4 years ago

    They still owe for the roof. Nothing to sue for, they suffered no damages. Even if you did damage it, they still have to pay for the roof. The helmet is a separate issue.

  • 4 years ago

    Get lawyer-ed up just in case

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  • MrZ
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    4 years ago

    Yes you should be worried.

  • Your uncle should fire you for being such a dumb ***

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