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How many innocent Americans would be killed under a Donald Trump presidency?

So, for only of all of you Americans who are against Donald Trump, how many innocent Americans would be killed in a civil war during a Donald Trump presidency that would last throughout his run in office?

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    In what context, asker Kody?

    If you are into reading and research, get a copy of the 2016 book, "The Making of Donald Trump" by investigative reporter and Trump expert David Cay Johnston, and also go to ITunes to download a documentary that has been 23 years in the making, "Trump: What's the Deal?"---all information that the mainstream media appears to be willfully ignoring about the dangerously unfit and mob-tied Donald Trump.

    The mesmerized (duped) Trump loyalists are behaving like the Charles Manson CULT followers willing to commit murder and mayhem at the passive-aggressive nut-job bidding of the very deranged and egomaniacal Manson, killing a young pregnant actress and her unborn child along with house guests for no reason other than the crazed God-complex Manson bade them to do so. How is megalomaniacal, emotionally erratic, paranoid, dangerously undereducated, xenophobic, misogynistic, provably bigoted, germs-fearing, six-times-bankrupt, corrupt, criminal-minded Donald Trump any different than Manson? The media helped create this monster by not vetting from the beginning---lusting for those ratings instead of doing their jobs!

    "If we have all these nukes," the childish nincompoop Alzheimer's-afflicted (early warning signs) Trump asked a senior advisor, "then how come we aren't using them?" That advisor quit and is now endorsing Hillary.

    "We should let Japan and South Korea have nuclear weapons," Trump irresponsibly declared, evidently forgetting that Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and talking out loud about S. Korea getting nuclear weapons will fire up an already paranoid whack-job Kim Jong Un in North Korea. More than 50 former Republican national security or intelligence officials spanning five different administrations going all the way back to Nixon have publicly DENOUNCED DONALD TRUMP, declaring Trump to be "unfit for office" and "unfit for command"! These 50 Republicans have openly endorsed Hillary Clinton.

    We have U.S. soldiers working with many Muslim nations and our traditional allies on foreign soil trying to train Syrian or Iraqi soldiers to take over their own defense so that our nation can wean itself off of being the world's policeman, trying to broker cease fires and broker peace agreements, and we continue to battle ISIL (or Daesh, as the Muslims refer to the Baghdadi-led militant and destructive group, meaning "unholy plunderers") with the help of many Muslim nations wanting to join in the efforts to destroy Daesh. So what does nincompoop criminal Trump do? He tells the world we should "have a ban on all Muslims coming into the U.S." (ignoring the effect this will have on his white supremacist or xenophobic CULT followers for American-Muslims already here), and tells us "we should kill terrorists' families" (ignoring the fact that it is sometimes the families who report a radicalized family member and even help us prevent any attacks!). Trump claims he would give an order to "blow them out of the water" if men in small boats in the Persian Gulf (international waters) dare to give the middle finger to our Navy ship crews! The sheer INSANITY of Trump should be enough to convince Americans to KEEP HIM OUT OF POWER!

    Einstein has taught us that "for each action there is an equal and opposite reaction." If we sow hate and destruction, we reap hate and destruction. Is this what we really want for America or for the world? VOTE HILLARY in November!

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    I am way more concerned about a civil war if Clinton is elected for two reasons. First, she has stated that she has every intention of disarming Americans and I think there are at least 20 million law-abiding citizens who will not go along with this (including lots of police personnel.) Second, Ms. Clinton will probably bring the National Debt to 25 or 30 trillion. Our entire discretionary income will be absorbed by interest. The result? Hyperinflation, depression, anarchy, revolution and perhaps a strong-arm dictator.

  • What a joke this question is. The Jews have stolen the Americans' country out from under them with lawyer tricks, banking tricks, and the mass media. The question is how many Americans will die as they try to take their country back again.

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    None, Trump will not make it to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    But Hillary will live there again.

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    4 years ago

    Zero, that would happen under your rotten woman skunk. Get out of America, Clinton supporting liberal and don't ever come back, you traitor.

  • FL0001
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    4 years ago

    Lol, you're more insane than Hillary's smile last night.

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    None. It won't happen.

  • 4 years ago

    Fear monger much???

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