Is the alesis nitro drum kit not compatible with windows 10?

I just got the nitro drum kit today and i plugged it into my computer but it is as if i haven't plugged it in at all. i am not sure what is happening. i use audacity and it is not showing up. i am assuming that raises and windows 10 have issues.

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  • 4 years ago
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    The Nitro module has a built in USB MIDI interface. MIDI is "Musical Instrument Digital Interface", a digital system, not audio - so Audacity can't use it. It's the same as using one of the actual MIDI sockets on the module, plus a USB<>MIDI adaptor.

    Nothing to do with Windows..

    Grab a copy of Tracktion 5 here:

    Find the MIDI interface in it's settings (while the module is connected) then go to the main tracks page and set the input of a track to that MIDI source (track ten from it).

    You can then record the MIDI data.

    You will have to assign the track output to either a synth or send it back to the Alesis module for playback.

    I can't remember if there is a synth in that version of T5 (I'm on T7); if not you can get various free plugins, eg.

    You may be able to select the Windows/MS built-in MIDI synth as the output?

    You can turn on monitoring in the track to hear what you play via a synth, but don't do that if you set to play back via the drum kit - it can cause a feedback loop, continuously repeating anything you touch..

    If you just want to record audio, use a 3.5mm cable from one of the audio outs or headphone out to the "line in" on your computer.

    MIDI has the advantage that it's data on what you hit/played, how hard and the exact time for each note. You can edit that data if you want to correct timing or intensity etc.

    The normal MIDI standard uses MIDI Track number ten for percussion; the others are normally keyboards and guitars etc.

    You can use any track in Tracktion, just select track 10 of the midi input.

    My setup, based on an Alesis DM10X. Click on it & scroll left one photo for the Tracktion setup.

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