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What and How much of the White house did slaves build, all of if?

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    Unskilled Slaves & Indentured Servants dug up the foundation, loaded & unloaded wooden flanks & beams, bricks, stones, slate, marble from horse drawn carriages, and carrying building materials to the build site. Slaves & indentured servants cooked for & serve workers at the build site by 1802 slave labor was no longer used or wanted. Freemason's were professional builders in Britain & British Colonies in North America in which George Washington was a Member of. James Hoban designed the Executive House with inputs from George Washington & Thomas Jefferson. Master Engineers, Master Architect, Master Carpenter, Master Silver/Blacksmiths, & Masons of European Descent Measured, precisely cut, & meticulously erected the building using wooden crane technology Europeans has been using since the Dark Ages to Build Castles.

    The Executive House just as Frigates, Schooners, & Galleons require highly skilled ship builders from Europe. The only other ethnic group that rival Europeans in Building Palaces & Giant Ships were the Chines, were the Compass, Rudder, Fore & Aft Sails, Paddle Wheeled Boats, & Water Tight Compartments were invented a couple Centuries before European Appropriated them in their Ships.

    Steam industrialization from Newcomen's, Watt's, Threvethick's, inventions were not yet available in the Colonies which would require educating commoners & peasants in masses out of churches & homes to maintain the industrial industries outlawing the slave trade & abolishing slavery. Private Colleges for Nobles & Aristocrats existed in Britain (Oxford University since 1096), & Harvard Since 1636 in the U.S. British Colony/Commonwealth.

    Plumbing, Flushing Toilet, Sewer, Telephone, Electricity, Ethernet, & Fiber Optic were installed much later after the U.S. Civil War by Skilled Professionals such as the Westinghouse Electric Company. Sewage, Plumbing, Flushing, Toilets, Telephone, Electricity & Internet is not technology or knowledge that existed or indigenous to Sub Sahara Africa. Electrical discipline/school's were established by Michael Faraday, George Ohms, Gustav Kirchhoffs, Henrich Rudolf Hertz, Nicola Tesla & Thomas Edison.

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    Few when the white house was being build slavery was just banned in north America so slave owner in the south sub out a few of there slaves to work constructing

    TB!@ Slavery was banned state by state in fact one did before there was an America one during the war of independence in fact one of last mandates the king made was not to ban the importation of black slaves into his colony America what you are referring was the mandate of president Lincoln banning slavery in all of America and as an aside the US military had to enforce it on the Cherokee who refused to release their thousands of slaves like it or not the anti slave movement started in America and spread to the rest of the world

    And as you liberal love to say ''the civil war was over state right not slavery'' so tell me liberal what right was that? To say y'all?

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